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This guide now comprises six levels of difficulty- beginners, non-beginners, beginners-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced.

Before moving on, just remember to use an exercise book whilst learning! There will be exercises along the way.

The beginners section includes the first seven lessons and focuses primarily on the basics.

You will be taught how to read in Italian, the numbers 0-10, +60 first words and expressions.

After completing the first level, you have to take a verifica (test) verifying your knowledge and newly acquired skills.

 If you pass with sufficient marks, you may go on to the non-beginners level. If not, however, then you will be advised to revise the beginners level and ask the author, Aolani-126, for extra help should any difficulties in comprehension arise.

After the first simple lessons of grammar there is the non-beginners section, which is for students who have already taken some time in learning a few simple things but are not yet ready to communicate fully.

The topics include: learning how to make your own sentences, understanding word order and some seemingly difficult grammatical rules, numbers 11-100, simple prepositions, verb conjugation, articles, conversing and talking about yourself.

In each lesson, you will be explained the tasks of the day step-by-step. Towards the end of most lezioni (lessons) there is a page of exercises appertaining to the topics just learnt, along with the answers on the next page.

 The next part is the beginners-intermediate level, which, as its name suggests, takes a slightly harder path in learning Italian. You will learn about more personal pronouns, some past tense (in particular the past participle), the polite form, dates and time, the imperative form, numbers 101-1000 and one optional lesson describing what it's like to live in Italy.

The same formula of organization in the previous lesson is followed in the intermediate level, with explanation of the daily topics followed by a short and easy-to-understand revision.

Learners will learn how to present themselves fully, learn the numbers from 101-1000, more verb conjugation both in present tense, +150 new words, other equally important prepositions and particles, adverbs, adjectives, one optional lesson of History of how the Italian language formed and other verbal forms (like 'if').

Another test based on everything you have learnt in this level is recommended to be taken if the learner truly harbours the passion to acquire a useful amount of Italian.

Following the fourth chapter, you will be presented with a simple chapter that swings between the intermediate and the advanced level, the intermediate-advanced level.

This level is most likely to be the most substantial chapter of this guide, with many more phrases, over +220 new words, the future and conditional tense, asking for directions, how to express one's own opinion, more complex matters and food.

Here you will also learn how to indicate expressions of public transport, getting around town, relationships, advanced level of describing, an optional lesson of similarities of Italian to French and Spanish and many more expressions..

As the for the last chapter of 'Italian!' there is the advanced level.

 This part is for learners who wish to complete their journey in learning Italian at home to then (hopefully) move somewhere in which Italian is fully accessible, via means of talking, publicity, television and books.

 It will include widening one's own knowledge of how to express their opinions fully, grammatical rules, +350 new words, studying Maths, History and Science in Italian (with basic words and expressions), the most common idiomatic expressions, the subjunctive tense (present and past), common mistakes, culture, mentality and translation skills.

It will be followed by a final test, verifying ones' own knowledge in having used this guide. It will include questions based on all the topics one has learned throughout the course and, if passed, the learner may go on to continue learning the language outside of their own hometown to gain more efficiency in speaking.

Please refer to Aolani-126 for any information required,

with affection, Alex.

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