Lezione 13-La tua famiglia (Your family)

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We! (Yo/Hey in English).

E' tutto a posto? Is everything alright? (Lit.: Is everything in place?)

Spero di sì!


Today you will learn how to say the names of family members and how to describe them. Learn them by heart! (Imparali a memoria!)

Brother-Il Fratello Little brother-Il Fratellino

Sister-La Sorella Little sister-La Sorellina

Father-Il Padre Dad-Il Papà

Mother-La Madre Mum-La Mamma

Uncle-Lo Zio Aunt-La Zia

Grandmother (or grandma/nan)-La Nonna

Grandfather (granddad)-Il Nonno

Cousin-Il Cugino Female cousin-La Cugina

Cousins-Cugini (all males or males and females together)

Female cousins-Le Cugine

Parents-I Genitori Grandparents-I Nonni

Grandmothers-Le Nonne Grandfathers-I Nonni


Let's say I come into your house for the first time and your whole family is there, waiting to greet me.

It may not be common in England, but in Italy I've found it's always the mother to greet the guest first, then the children and finally the father who comes wandering in from work or somewhere hidden some time later.

New vocab:

Questo/a è-this is

Questi/e sono-these are

Ha i capelli...-his/her hair is...

Lavora come/Fa il/la...-He/she works as...

La casalinga-Housewife (German= Hausfrau)

Più grande-bigger (in this case, older/big sibling)

Più piccolo/a-smaller (younger/smaller sibling)

Il cameriere-waiter

Ha gli occhi...-He/she has... eyes/his/her eyes are...



Indossa...-He/she's wearing...

Fa le gli elementari/le medie/le superiori-he/she goes to elementary/middle/high school

Suo colore preferito-his/her favourite color

Il grembiule-apron


Non molto-not very

Description of my imaginary family:

Questa è mia mamma. Si chiama Laura e ha quarantatré anni. Fa la casalinga.

Lui invece è mio fratello più piccolo. Si chiama Andrea e ha tredici anni. Fa le medie. Questa è mia sorella più grande. Si chiama Sara e fa le superiori. Ha i capelli molto lunghi e marroni e gli occhi verdi. Questa è mia nonna. Si chiama Lorena, ha settantanove anni e ha i capelli corti e bianchi. Non è molto alta e indossa un grembiule azzurro, suo colore preferito.

Questo è mio papa. Si chiama Daniele, ha trentotto anni e fa il cameriere.

Translate and see what you find out! Answer below.


This is my mum. Her name is Laura and she is forty-three years old. She is a housewife. He, on the other hand, is my little brother. His name is Andrea and he's thirteen. He goes to middle school. This is my big sister. Her name is Sara and she goes to high school. She has very long brown hair and green eyes. This is my grandma. She is called Lorena, she's seventy-nine years old and has short white hair. She isn't very tall and is wearing an apron of the colour blue, her favourite colour. This is my dad. His name is Daniele, he's thirty-eight years old and works as a waiter.

I hope you got it all right!! Brilliant if you have or nearly have!!

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