Optional lesson #3-"How difficult is it to learn Italian?"

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Buongiorno, amici miei!

 Today we're going to learn some interesting things about Italian: how difficult it is to learn and similarities between French and Spanish.


 Many consider Italian to be in some way similar to English, when in reality, these two languages are very different.

 Grammatically speaking, Italian is far more complex than English. If you consider the moods (indicative, subjunctive etc.), the fact that there is verb conjugation based on the person talking and the number both in past, present and future tense, the vast amount of vocabulary and all, Italian is a much more sophisticated language.

 Out of all five romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian), I personally wouldn't say Italian is the hardest, but it is definitely in the top three. French and Spanish are arguably easier, whereas Portuguese and Romanian become slightly more complicated with their different vocabulary and rules.

 Italian is musical, melodic, romantic and has three sounds the English language lacks: Gn, Gl and the rolled R (except in Scottish sometimes).

 It is the closest language to Latin, and very similar to French grammatically and Spanish in the spoken language.

The answer to the question "how difficult is Italian to learn?" remains highly subjective. Firstly, you may try and learn the language and find it incredibly easy or difficult based on your linguistic skills. If you have a passion for languages, Italian may seem easier to learn as opposed to not harbouring any passion at all.

 I found very little difficulty in learning the language partly because my dad is Italian himself, and therefore, used to speak to me in the language as a child. The other part is due to the fact that I was ardent in learning Italian, therefore I was very concentrated.

 Remember that concentration, passion, and time are the main keys to learning anything new, not just a language alone.

 If you really want a general guideline as to how difficult Italian is out of ten, I'd give it a good 7 and a half based on grammar, especially tenses and particles. The spoken language is generally easy to pick up, and I would therefore give the spoken part a 6 and a half, with a total 7 for as a whole.

 It takes practice and above all, time.


Similarities (comparisons) among romance languages:

 English              French         Italian        Spanish    Portuguese    Romanian

Brother      Frère   Fratello   Hermano     Irmão       Frate

Sister    Soeur    Sorella            Hermana             Irmã          Soră

Good   Bon    Buono    Bueno   Bom       Bun

Sad   triste   triste    triste     triste    trist

Fish   Poisson  Pesce  Pescado/Pez   Peixe    Pește

Language   Langue    Lingua    Idioma    Idioma    Limba

To eat    Manger     Mangiare     Comer    Comer    Mânca

Hope you enjoyed! (Spero vi sia piaciuto!)

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