Lezione 52-If I were...

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The main sentence of today is: If I were...

Se io fossi...where se means if and io, I, fossi-were. 

BUT how do you say, If I were you? Well, in Italian it works slightly differently.

The Italians say: If I were IN you rather than If I were you.


Se io fossi IN te.

Fossi is the imperfect subjunctive, therefore 'sia' in its past tense.

The conjugation is as follows:

Se io fossi

Se tu fossi

Se lui/lei fosse

Se noi FOSsimo

Se voi foste

Se loro FOSSero

Se io fossi in te, andrei dal dottore. If I were you, I'd go to the doctor's.

Se lui fosse in me, vedrebbe il mondo come vedo io. If he were me, he'd see the world the way I do.

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