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I am Alexander (Alessandro in my second language) and you are here to learn the language that represents the art, music, culture and (of course) food belonging to the boot-shaped peninsula found in the Mediterranean sea known as Italy (Italia).

Italian is indeed a beautiful and romantic language, and learning it will not only aid you in getting to know the people better and communicating with them more easily, it will also teach you a great deal of culture, art and history.

Think of Leonardo Da Vinci, for example, the Romans, Dante Alighieri (the famous author of 'The Divine Comedy') and... pizza.

Firstly, this is a guide that I will be writing starting from the very basics of this unique language (in which almost every word terminates with a vowel) until the intermediate level. If it becomes well-known, it may well possibly contain advanced topics.

Secondly, it is being created primarily for foreign exchange students in Italy who may need some extra help with understanding the language elsewhere. However, if this does not apply to you (let's say, you simply wish to know some phrases to go on holiday or you want to enhance certain skills), this is still the guide for you.

"How many 'years' does it take to learn Italian?" may have been your first question so far. Or, "How important is it to learn Italian?", "What are its origins?" "What languages is it related to?" and "How hard or easy is it to learn?".

These are also questions that I answer in a few lessons, especially the optional ones. Of course, you may always PM me to ask for more information regarding questions I haven't yet answered. However, please let me know what to add and what to improve on in the comments section or by PMming me.

(Seriously-I work hard to make these lessons and I'd be highly grateful if my participating readers took the time to comment, vote or simply let me know what they like and dislike).

Moving on, this guide starts off with useful expressions and pronunciation and makes sure you get through in many other topics, such as numbers, verbs, syntax (sentence order) and phrase building, along with adjectives, personal pronouns and so many others. I may even add a bit of history along the way!

Furthermore, in each chapter there will be more and more Italian words substituting English ones (with either translation or none) to advance your grasping of the language.

Lastly, learning a language is never a walk in the park, and Italian isn't so facile (FAH-chee-leh: easy) either, but with passion and endeavour, within about a week of learning from the first few chapters I can ensure you will already have good-enough communication skills in order to get by and convey the gist of what you are trying to say to somebody.

Spero (I hope) you enjoy it and remember that if anything doesn't come across as clear, please feel free to message me. I will be glad to help!

Buono studio!! (Quite literally 'Good study!'- Happy studying!)


P.S Dont forget to vote, comment and learn!!

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