Lezione 53-When in class...

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Some phrases you may need or hear whilst studying in the classroom:


Oggi spiego-I'm going to make a lecture today

Oggi inTErrogo-today I'm going to test (you) orally

Aprite/Andate a pagina...-Go to page...

Ti interrogo-I'm going to test you

SPIEgami...-Talk to me about...

Chi sa...?-Who knows...?

Chi mi sa dire di...?-Who can tell me about...?

Oggi c'è la veRIfica-There's a test today

Vieni alla lavagna-Come up to the board

Come compiti fate...-As for homework do...

Telling off:

SmetTEtela!/PianTAtela!-Stop it!

Non FATemi arrabbiare...-Don't make me angry...

Adesso metto una nota!-I'll write a note on the register now! (Behaviour notes)

Ti metto 2!-You get 2! (Low mark)

Dormiamo?-Are we sleeping?


Amongst classmates:

Cosa pensi del/della prof...?-What do you think of Mr.-Mrs...?

Penso sia (noioso/a)...-I think he/she is (boring)

Spiega bene!-He/she explains well!

Spiega male!-He/she explains poorly!

E' a casa perché sta male-He/she is at home because they're ill.

Ci dà troppi COmpiti!-He/she gives us too much homework!

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