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In total there were 50 questions.

To get half a mark, you must have either written one correct word in a two-word expression or two correct words in a three-word expression (etc.) or have gotten only one letter wrong in one word.

Here are the answers:

Exercise 1-Write the corresponding expressions in Italian.

Example: Hello (towards your teachers or someone older)- Answer: Salve.

1. Good evening-Buonasera

2. Goodnight-Buonanotte

3. Thank you-Grazie

4. Please-Per favore

5. No-No

6. Your welcome-Prego

7. Good day-Buongiorno

8. Sorry! (Polite form)-Scusi!

9. Yes, please-Sì, grazie.

10. How are you? (Both formally and informally)-Come sta? (Formal). Come stai? (Informal)

Esercizio 2-Write the corresponding expressions in English.

Esempio (example)-Buonasera- Answer: Good evening.

1. Da dove vieni?-Where do you come from?

2. Parla italiano?-Do you speak Italian? (Formal)

3. Ti voglio bene-I love you (Towards a friend/family member)

4. Aiuto!-Help!

5. Buona giornata!-Have a nice day!

6. Ho sette anni-I'm seven years old.

7. Scusi-Sorry (Formal)

8. Vengo da Inghilterra-I come from England.

9. Come ti chiami?-What's your name?

10. Piacere di consocerLa!-Pleasure to meet you! (Formal)

Esercizio 3-Translate the following numbers into English.

Esempio: Uno. Answer: One.

1. Tre-Three

2. Otto-Eight

3. Dieci-Ten

4. Quattro-Four

5. Sette-Seven

Esercizio 4-Translate the following numbers into Italian.

Esempio: Four. Answer: Quattro.

 6. Nine-Nove

7. Two-Due

8. Six-Sei

9. Five-Cinque

10. One-Uno

Esercizio 5-Translate the following personal pronouns.

1. Noi-We

2. Tu-You

3. Lui-He

4. Loro-They

5. Voi-You (Plural)

6. Io-I

7. Lei-She

Esercizio 6-Translate the following verbs in Italian.

Esempio: Io ho- Answer: I have.

1. You are-Tu sei                               2. He eats-Lui mangia

3. We sleep-Noi dormiamo                4. You (pl.) read-Voi leggete

5. I am-Io sono                                  6. They eat-Loro mangiano

7. She reads-Lei legge                      8. We are-Noi siamo

9. It reads-Esso legge                      10. You (pl.) have-Voi avete

Esercizio 7-Apply the appropriate article.

Esempio: __ragazzo- Answer: Il ragazzo.

1. L'ape.                2. La ragazza. 

3. I nonni.            4. Il cane.

5. Il bambino.       6. I libri.

7. Lo psicologo.      8. Gli stadi.

9. Le donne.          10. Lo zio.

Esercizio 8-Make the following sentences negative.

Esempio: Io sono James. Answer: Io non sono James.

1. Tu non sei bella.

2. Lui non è stupido.

3. Non siamo qui.

4. Non faccio tante pizze.

5. Non ho 5 figli.

Esercizio 9-Make questions out of the following sentences. Say them aloud with the correct intonation.

Esempio: Mangia le patatine fritte ogni giorno (Eats French fries everyday). Answer: Mangia le patatine fritte ogni giorno?

1. Legge libri?

2. Dormi poco? (Perhaps a doctor would ask this :) )

3. Mangia sempre?


I doubt you got less than three! If so, revise and contact me for extra help. Please don't be afraid of doing so! I'll be so happy you contacted me :)

< 3-Revise and contact me

4-10-Revise again

11-17-Better still but revise

18-26-Insufficient-Just one more point and you can go forwards!

27-34-Sufficient-you may go onto the non-beginners level!


43-46-Very good



See you next time! (Alla prossima!)

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