Lezione 35-'To each other'

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Ma ciao! Tutto bene oggi? Cosa mi racconti?

Why hello! All good today? Got anything to tell me?


Today we'll be looking at how to say 'each other' or 'to each other'.

For example, "Luca and I write to each other each week".

In Italian, this is where you'll find another 'si'. Yeah, again!

'Si' has loads of uses; this is only one of the very many we have yet to look at.


What to use

In order to state you and someone else do something to each other (such as writing, speaking, giving etc.), put 'si' at the end of the verbs, just like in the previous lesson on reflexive pronouns. This is now the infinitive form.

Ex.: Parlare (to speak)+si= parlarsi (to speak to each other)

How to conjugate

Conjugate these verbs exactly the same way as you would reflexive verbs, using the first person plural (noi), therefore with the pronoun 'ci' before the verb. I'll teach you how to use 'vi' and 'si' (second and third person plural) in another lesson C:

Example: (Noi) ci parliamo. We talk to each other.

Ci scriviamo. We write to each other.

Ci sentiamo. We hear each other/talk to each other (also 'speak to you soon!')

Ci amiamo. We love each other.

Ci odiamo. We hate each other (to hate-odiare: ODio, ODi, ODia, odIAmo, odIAte, ODiano) I hate studying-Odio studiare (OR odio lo studio)

Ci incontriamo. We meet each other. (To meet-incontrare: incontro, incontri, incontra, incontriamo, incontrate, inCONtrano.) I meet you-Ti incontro.

Ci diamo... We give each other... (to give-dare-do, dai, , diamo, date, danno). Although this verb takes an indirect object because it needs the preposition 'to'. Ex.: I give an apple to you/I give you an apple. (Ti do una mela.) We give each other an apple-Ci diamo una mela. We give each other a hand-ci diamo una mano. Simply add the indirect object after!

Think you got the message? Try and translate 'we message each other' with the verb 'messaggiare'.

1) Transform 'messaggiare' into 'messaggiarsi'.

2) Put 'ci' before the verb, conjugated into 'messaggiamo'.

Ci messaggiamo-we message each other.

How to make it negative

Simply use 'non' and put it in front of the whole sentence!

Non ci scriviamo.

Non ci sentiamo.

Non ci amiamo.

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