Text Messages

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I awoke on time for class this morning, after waking Gerard and getting changed myself I grabbed my phone.


Thirty six text messages??? And all from Chris.

"Ug." I groaned aloud.

"Wha?" Gerard asked while brushing his teeth.

"Its Chris, he sent me like a million texts."

I saved his number in my contacts, ill reply later.

"Dont worry about it, now c'mon so we make it to breakfast." Gerard reassured me.

"Ok fine, lets go." I shoved the phone in my back pocket.


"Hey guys!" Naomi waved preppily.

Everyone was at the table, Frank, Ray, Lyn-z, Jimmy, and Naomi.

"Hey Naomi." Gerard nodded.

"Oh! Gerard, did you show the guys your new songs." I nudged his arm.

He gagged on his juice.

"Uh yeah."

"Yeah." Frank repeated sniggering.

"Mm hm." Ray agreed smirking.

I sat there confused. I refocused my attention to Naomi who was playing with her oranges. If we were Tim Burton characters she'd be Pee Wee Herman, Gerard would be Ichabod Crane, and I would be Alice.

"Naomi, you wanna hang out with me and Gerard after class today, we were thinking about seeing that movie Maleficent."

"Well it sounds fun but..." She brought her hands together and furrowed her eyebrows upward.


"Well ill be hanging out with Toby tonight." She explained.

"Oooooh Naomiii."

"Oh stop it Jovie." She blushed.

"Another date. You guys are getting pretty close."

"Hes such a sweetheart you know." She grinned.

"I just want you to know, I ship you guys, Tomi forever!" I joked, earning a giggle from Naomi.

My phones notification went off. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, it was another text from Chris.

'CHRIS: Heyyy good morning :)'

Hes a cool guy but him messaging me 24/7 is alittle obsessive.

'Ttyl i have class right now' I lied and shoved the phone back into my pocket.

Gerard and Frank were conversing over guitar riffs, I was about to include myself in the conversation when my phone went off AGAIN.

'CHRIS: k ill see u after school I have a suprise for u!!! :D'



Yeah I know, short chapter :/

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