Valentines Day

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I feel like I stuffed alot of stuff in this chapter, hope you like it anyway :)


*Valentines Day Night

*Gerard POV

It was eight o'clock, I was walking outside on campus with Frank smoking a cigarette trying go calm my nerves.

"Any chance I could be the third wheel with you and Jamia tonight?" I was hoping I would have someone to hang out with so I wouldn't feel like a complete lonely loser.

"No sorry, we'll be a little busy tonight..." He said giving me the 'If you know what I mean' face.

I couldn't blame him, it was Valentines Day after all. A day cherishing couples full of 'I love you's and sex.

"Well, you could tag along if you were interested in a threeso-"

"No thanks." I immediately cut him off.

"Frank!!!" We heard Jamias voice in the distance.

Two figures came our way, Jamia and Lyn-Z.

"Hey baby happy Valentines Day!" Jamia smiled and wrapped her arms around Franks neck, they pecked lips and Frank took hold of her waist.

"Happy Valentines Day, I love you baby." He responded.

"Hi Gerard, happy Valentines Day." Lyn-Z said holding her arm shyly.

"Oh hey Lyn, yeah, happy Valentines Day to you too." I nodded.

"What are you doing tonight for Valentines Day?" She asked.

Watching explicit porn, stuffing my face with cholesterol to fill voids in my soul, then Ill wallow in my self pity and sink deep down in depression and lonlieness.

"Eh, the usual." I shrugged.

"You dont have a... date?"

Me? A date? It was obvious no one wanted me. I was the human version of that first piece of bread in the loaf.

"No." I said awkwardly.

"Well if you want to hang out, later tonight or, you know, anytime... just call me." She said quietly blushing, she handed me a strip of paper with her phone number on it.

Blushing? Phone number? Was... did Lyn-Z like me?? I mean im not completely unlikable am I? I could come up with an entire list of reasons to date me.

-Reasons to date me:

•I have no social life so we can always hang out

•Im chubby so you can use me as a pillow

•I have cool dance moves

•You can play with my hair

•Im a fantastic cuddler just ask my pillows

•Im cheaper than a puppy

•I can cook (I mean order pizza) whenever you want

•I can sing you songs

•Im always ready to make out


•No pressure to wear pants in my presence

•Or any clothes at all...

•Butt touches!

•You dont even have to buy me anything, maybe just an ice cream cone every once and a while

•You can lick it

•I-I mean the ice cream cone...

•.......well, maybe not just the ice cream cone

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