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Damn this book is sooo long!!!! Theres only 7 chapters left though, anyway-


*Gerard POV

I checked the time on my phone again-

5:32 p.m

Jovies been at Chris' apartment for a while now, I thought she'd be back within about ten minutes, but its going on half an hour.

"Whats wrong?" Toby walked up next to me, and noticed my worried facial expression.

"Nothing... Im just worried I guess, I figured she'd be back by now." I said.

Maybe they made up and now they're just hanging out. Maybe something terrible happened. Millions of bad thoughts rushed through my mind.

"Maybe I should go check on her or something."

"Dont worry Gerard im sure she's fine." He patted my shoulder. I guess he's right, I just tend to overthink things alot. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. Everythings fine Gerard, I repeated to myself. I tried to think about something else but I couldn't, what was taking so long?

What were they doing?

*Jovie POV

"C-Chris what are you doing?!" I gasped with fear overcoming my body.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled in my face. He slung his arm around my neck and held me tightly. I cringed at the loudness of his voice. Was he going to kill me??? I gulped and stared at the pocket knife in hand. I had to get out of here before he did something dangerous, my life was in his hands. Gerard was right all along why didn't I listen to him??! I shook with fear.

"Please just let me go! C-Chris, Im sorry! I-"

"I SAID SHUT UP!" He yelled even louder, he closed the knife and shoved it back in his pocket. He removed his arm from my neck and used both of his hands to push me to the floor, I fell with a loud thud. I tried to act quickly since I was out of his grasp but before I could scramble to my feet he grabbed me by shoulders and pinned me down against the floor.

"Thats right! Try and get up! But I guess it dosent bother you that your on your back." He laughed evilly. I used all my energy to try and wiggle out from underneath him, I kicked my legs and flared my arms but my movement only made him grow angrier.

"YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" He hissed, Chris slapped me across my face again, leaving a bright red mark. I screamed in pain at the stinging feeling in my cheek.

"Hurts dosent it?" He muttered.

Chris crawled on top of me to keep me from getting away from him, I couldnt push him off me, he was far to heavy. He looked down at me with the cold piercing eyes I used to love to see.

"Tell me about him, is he better than me? Is it because he touches you?" He growled while I felt his cold hand move up my shirt.

"HEY DONT YOU EVEN TRY AND TOUCH ME!" I yelled, the tone of my voice angered Chris and he slammed his fist straight down onto my nose. My eyes watered from the intense pain as I cried out, blood poured out of my nose and trickled down my face. I started sobbing, I forced myself to bite down on my lip to keep quiet, I didnt want to cry loudly or else he might hit me again. He grabbed my arms and held them down against my sides.


I squeezed my eyes shut and let the tears stream down my face, he had beat me. I used to think he could never lay a finger on me, but now I see the real monster in him. It was over, he got his revenge now when would he let me go? I hated him, pain flushed through by face. Just wait til he lets me go, ill have him charged with assault and thrown in jail. I expected him to get off me by now but instead I felt his free hand trail down downwards towards my shorts, my eyes quickly shot open and widened.

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