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*Jovie POV

I woke up, hmmm,

8:45 a.m

Better get ready.

I leap out of bed, Gerard is sprawled on his bed in some new boxers.

Memories flood my head from last night.

So does this mean he likes me? Or is it just a guy thing?

I dont know, hearing him moan my name was kind of sexy...

I actually put my hands over my ears.

"LA LA LA LA LA LA. " I should really stop being so perverted.

I head towards the bathroom and close the door behind me, I strip and get the water on the right temperature and jump in.

*Gerard POV

The sound of running water wakes me up. Jovies not in her bed so shes in the shower. I hear the water stop.

My turn! I turn around to see whats shes wearing today.


We both gasp I should cover my eyes but I cant, she runs back into the bathroom.

After some awkward silence I hear her voice.

"Gerard hand me a towel and clothes please!" I hear nervousness in her voice.

I quickly grab a pair of black skinny jeans, an Asking Alexandria shirt and ummm bra and underwear...

"Uh, here." I crack the door wide enough for me to hand her the outfit.

*Jovie POV

FUCK that was the most embarrassing thing ever!!! How could I forget my towel and clothes, well damn I thought he was still asleep! I get dressed and do my hair and make up. I slowly open the bathroom door, Gerard is standing there awkwardly.

"Uh, im just gonna take a quick shower!" He moved past me.

*45 Minutes later...

Im gonna be late to class if Gerard doesn't get out of that shower soon! Hes been in there for literally an hour. I bang on the door.

"GEE! Hurry up! We're going to be late!"

I hear him move around in the shower.

"Uh- Yeah, um, almost out, im.... washing my hair!" I remember what he was doing last night, uh huh, "washing hair".

*Gerard POV

I rubbed my crotch.


I remember when I saw Jovie naked this morning, how could I forget? I know its wrong to think about my friend in this way, but I just cant help it.

She perfect figure, long legs, curved apearecnce, perky boobs, ugggg.

I grabbed my groin and threw my head back.

"O yeah oh oh oh oh oh yea yea yea..." I sucked my teeth. Oh God. My heart beat sped up.

"Fuck. I-I- I cant, yes, yes, oh God." I sputtered finishing up.

I wonder why I feel so close to her, I've only known her for about a week, its something about that name, Jovie Hamilton, that brought up feelings I haven't had in a long time.

Something clicks in my brain.

OHHHH, Wait that cant be her can it? Its been so long I- Jovie Hamilton, no wonder we feel so close, no wonder I feel the same way I felt about her eight years ago.

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