Im (Not) Jealous

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1 Month Later...

*Jovie POV

Chris was driving me to school, I had my feet propped up on the dashboard. We had the windows rolled down to let the air flow in, it was the middle of March which meant it was getting hotter. I glanced at Chris and played with the tip of his black hair. I think he might be 'The One' he treats me so special, he loves me so much. This past month has been great, I feel like hes a much better boyfriend than he was last time and he learned from his mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe once or twice we might argue, but he just cares for me so much thats it.

He pulled into the parking lot of campus, we exited the car. Chris walked to my side and intertwined his fingers with mine. I gave him a quick smile. He might of acted tough but I considered him a sweetheart. He liked to walk me to my first class. As we walked into the building we saw Gerard and Frank hanging out in the lobby. I wasn't really mad at Gerard anymore... I guess we've just been distant. There still was tension between us. I dont usually forgive people, I just act like its ok then wait for an opportunity to destroy them. However, I would be lying if I said I didnt miss the friendship we used to have, I actually think about him alot... I wonder if he thinks about me, does he miss me? Gerard gave me a slight wave and smile, his grin made me smile like an idiot, I tried to hide it and just casually wave back. As we passed Gerard and Frank, I looked back. I caught myself staring at him and mentally scolded myself. I didnt know why I found myself so interested in Gerard, I shook my head and tried not to think about it, instead I just leaned my head against Chris. I guess the whole 'Friends With Benefits' thing backfired. We thought it wouldn't ruined our friendship but thays exactly what it ended up doing. I let out a quiet sigh under my breath.

"Tonight im going to my old dorm to get my things." I told Chris.

"Tonight? Will Gerard be there?"

"Uh, actually, no." I didnt want to lie to Chris but he insisted that I should spend less time with Gerard (Any guy actually) and spend more time with him. I knew if I said Gerard was there he'd make some unreasonable big deal about or even get mad at me.

"He'll be at Franks dorm uh, playing video games all night. You know how Gerard is with video games."

"Oh ok." He said shrugging it off.

*Gerard POV

I had to refrain from rolling my eyes at the sight of Chris. Do you ever hate someone, and not even for a valid reason??? You just see them and your like-


Who could date a guy like Chris, he was arrogant and rude, or maybe thats just how I saw him, everyone else seemed to like him. I think this past month has just been awkward- with Jovie barley speaking to me and me having to see Lyn-Z everyday. Maybe im just obsessed, nobody sees it but me, but ever since Jo started dating Chris she never has time for anyone else. Its like he wont let her out of his sight. Jovie thinks hes so perfect, well I dont trust him. I turned up my music, music helps, its like a therapist. Right now I feel like 'Dammit' by 'Blink 182' will do.

'You show up and walk by on the arm of that guy

And I'll smile

And You'll wave

Pretend its ok

The cheraid it wont last

When hes gone

I wont come back'

"Gerard!" Frank yelled pulling out on of my earbuds, he must have been trying to get my attention.

"C'mon." He motioned for me to follow him to the cafeteria where Naomi was already waiting at the table.

"How come I never see you talking to Jovie anymore? You guys used to be so close." Frank asked me once we were already seated.

"I think shes mad at me."

"Oh what did you do?"

To my understanding, I didnt do anything wrong. However, girls are very stubborn and confusing, so if Jovie thought I did something wrong, I did something wrong. Girls are always right. No matter what, they win every argument.

How to win an argument:

1. Have a vagina

2. Thats it

3. You win

4. Congratulations

I shrugged.

"She never hangs out with us anymore. Its just Chris, Chris, Chris, all the time." I said frowning.

"Jealous." Frank did a fake cough to cover the word. I rolled my eyes.

"Dont worry Gerard shes just in a daze right now, you know how girls are, the boyfriend means everything to them." Frank said trying to reassure me, part of me wanted to believe him, after all Frank had way more girl experience than I did.

"Well im happy for her, she seems to have found that special someone in her life." Naomi said, smiling as usual.

"Have you even met Chris yet??" I asked.

"Well no.... I guess we've both been busy lately, and Chris never wants to double date with me and Toby. Jovie said hes just a little anti-social because hes new to the area."

"Well your lucky, Chris is a complete douche. Hes just acting like a great guy around Jovie to get on her good side." I said crossing my arms.

"Maybe you just haven't gotton used to the fact that Jovie is dating someone else-"

I opened my mouth to argue that I didnt care who Jovie dated, when Naomi stopped me-

"Im NOT saying your jealous. Hey, maybe you should consider getting a girlfriend.

I thought about Lyn-Z for a second a shook my head, I wasnt ready for a relationship right now. I'm apparently bad at relationships all together, I dont know what I want.

•One third of me: Aw, I want a girlfriend, relationships are so cute, lets just be in love forever.

•One third of me: Sex, sex, sex, fuck relationships, lets be slutty.

•One third of me: I hate people.

"Im uh, just not looking for a relationship right now..." I shrugged.

"Not with a women." Frank joked under his breath.

"Shut up Frankie." I said hitting him on his arm.

Naomi was checking a message on her phone when she frowned, she thought for a moment then smiled as if she had an idea.

"Gerardddd..." She said giving me puppy dog eyes.


"Will you do me a huge favor pleassee?"


"Well, me and Toby are going out tonight but Lillian just texted me saying she cant babysit Alex. I cant change my plans, will you watch her just for tonight?"

"Ok, sure. I can babysit her at my dorm just bring her over."

"Thank you! Ok so, Jovie will pick Alex up at your dorm at eleven tonight. She'll be picking her things up too."

Jovie? I hope shes not mad at me anymore... it has been a month for fucks sake... maybe when she comes over tonight we can clear things up. Yeah, thats it. Tonight when she comes to get her things we can talk and we'll put everything behind us and go back to being best friends. Naomis voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"...And make sure she takes her vitamins after dinner, as for dinner make sure you prepare something healthy and non-gluttonous. Bed by eight. Got it?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah, sure."

Tonight Ill make things right.

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