Taste Of Your Own Medicine

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Ahem, the reason this chapter took me forever to write was because one of my close friends found out I was writing this pervy story and now I just feel REALLY awkward writing knowing that shes reading it... O_e


*Gerard POV

My eyes groggily opened, I lifted myself up on my elbows. I groaned, the room seemed as if it was spinning, I blinked a few times to get it back to normal. I felt a splitting pain in my head followed by a gut wrenching sickness in my stomach.


A hangover.

"Shit." I groaned with my eyes still half open.

I saw something in my bed move beside me.

"Lyn-z!??" I gasped and sat up in shock.

WOAH, woah, woah. How, when, why was she in my bed. An immediate assumption shot to my head. I raised my blanket and looked, I wasnt naked. Though I was shirtless, I was still in my plaid pajama bottoms.

Lyn-z yawned as she sat up also, she used the blanket to cover her bare chest.

Bare chest? I dont even know what happened last night and I already regret it. I felt my face blush, I scooted back from her. Well... this was awkward. I tried to think as hard as I could. All I remember was having a few beers, and something about cats making fries and a guy named Kenneth. Other than that, the rest of the night was a blur.

"Lyn-z, what happened last night?? Did you and I..." I trailed off and cleared my throat giving her an uneasy look. She actually gave a small smirk and shook her head.

"No." She reassured me.

"We fooled around but we did not actually have sex, you, uh, couldnt..." She trailed off awkwardly, eyeing my crotch.

"What?? AGAIN?"

Suddenly the door clicked and opened, Jovie took a step in and froze when she saw us. She went wide eyed, looking back and forth at me and Lyn-z. I gulped, she must of came to get her things. This was going to have to take some explaining to do... I cleared my throat-

"Uh, is this the part where I say 'Its not what it looks like'???" She must have been thinking that me and Lyn slept together, I mean what else did it look like? Me and Lyn-Z were both in bed practicality naked.

She turned around and stormed off. Great. Dont I just get get myself in the best situations?

"Uhhh, be right back." I said awkwardly to Lyn-z, I leaped off my bed and raced out into the hallway to catch up with Jovie.

"Jovie wait!" I called after her, I ran up to her a grabbed her shoulder.

"What?!" She turned around and snapped at me.

"Its not- we didnt-"

"Save it Gerard." She said raising her hand, she pushed me back and continued to walk away from me.

"Jovie! Why are you even mad!?" I yelled after her, she stopped in her tracks and spun around to face me.

"Because! Because your being such a hypocrite!" She yelled.

"What do you mean??"

"I stayed the night with Chris and when I come home you interrogate me! But you can fuck Lyn-z and you expect me to be fine with it! I see you moved on quick."

"What do you mean move on? We never dated! And that was your decision! Me and Lyn-z didnt have sex! And what if we did? We can do whatever and whoever we want remember?? And even if we were moving on from whatever we had, how did I move on quickly when your the one that left me for a new guy???"

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