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Eh this chapter isnt that good, ill update the next chapter tomorrow and that should be interesting :)


Last night when Chris dropped me off at campus from the concert I immediately jumped out of his car without even saying bye. Then I rushed into the dorm room, Gerard was already sleeping and I laid in my bed, I couldn't go to sleep with all the thoughts in my head.

Chris kissed me. I kissed back. I liked it... Ugg whyyyy, the feels!!! Every new moment I spend with Chris makes me forget how douchey of a boyfriend he used to be, now I just see his lovable, cute, good kisser side. Maybe it wouldnt be such a bad idea if I got back together with Chris... but what about Gerard! Wait, why would he care if I get back together with Chris, its not like we're "dating", we're just friends. But even though I could get back together with Chris, im still not sure if I will. Chris, hes handsome, hes funny, hes nice, hes was my everything, but I feel like hes just not... the one im meant to be with. Maybe I can sort things out with Chris tomorrow, what will I say about are kiss? I cant say it didnt mean anything, because it did. I am so emotionally exhausted... its already 3:00 a.m. Maybe I should try to get SOME sleep...


The alarm clock buzzed off but I didnt have the energy to get up so I let it ring, eventually it woke up Gerard.

"Uhhh Jovie! Wake up, c'mon!" He groaned half asleep.

I heard him swing his legs off the bed and slouch towards the bathroom to shower.

Meanwhile I had to use what small amount of energy I had and FLING myself from the bed. I stood up, stretched and yawned. I open my cabinet and picked out a casual 'Pierce The Veil' tee and some red skinny jeans. Today was gonna be a long day, I didnt feel like doing anything.

Just as I had started removing my clothing- I had taken off my pajama top and was pulling down my sweatpants I had slept in- Gerard stepped out of the bathroom. He had his towel wrapped around his waist and his black wet hair was sticking to his neck and face, I didnt really pay attention though until I felt him press up from behind me. I jumped at the feel of his wet bare skin, I turned, he still had his towel on (sadly) wrapped loosely around his hips. I gave him a seductive smile.

"Are you thinking what im thinking?" He asked while he placed his hands on my bare hips.

"Does this answer your question?" I remarked as I pulled his body closer to mine. I sat down at the edge of my bed, he leaned over me while he was still standing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my fingers played with his wet hair while his hands are on my naked waist. He confidentially brings his mouth to mine and grazes his tongue over the inside of my bottom lip. I removed one of my hands from his neck and dragged my hand down his chest, to his abdomen, and to his towel. I moved my palm in a slow circular motion over the crotch area of his towel. Gee let out a deep breath and bit his bottom lip.

"Dont bite you lip, thats for me to do."

I continued the slow rub against his groin. His hands wandered up and down the sides on my body, I felt his excitedly stiffen at my hand gestures, which meant the towel had to go. I smirked as I started to slowly slide the towel down his legs, he let out a quiet groan as the towel rolled over his boner. The towel hit the floor, leaving Gerards lively erection pointing outwards. I grabbed his shoulders pulled him down on my bed. I placed my palm against his chest and lightly pushed him down on his back. I quickly crawled on top of him in a comfortable sitting position. I continued to tease him, before I even touched his enlarged member I leaned over him and kissed his collar bone while I grinded my hips in a steady circular motion against him. I sat straight up and looked down at him, his eyes were filled with need and want. Gerard traced his finger over the waistline of my underwear, he desperately wanted them removed immediately.

"Ah, ah, ah, not yet." I said in a sing song voice.

He let out a groan.

"Your killin' me Jo."

I smiled, maybe I've tormented him enough. I lifted myself off him just enough to let his boner stand up freely again. I started to massage the head in a slow tantalizing way, I pressed pressed my thumb down against it and rubbed it, I purposely did this motion slowly, it was making Gerard crave for more, wanting me to go faster and faster until his breaking point. The room went silent except for the sound of Gerards heavy breathing, which sounded like long deep sighs. I ran my thumb over the slit, he let out a gasp which lead to a moan that turned into a stuttering cry of my name. I felt his body tremble and shiver at my sensual touches.

"Oh God Jo..." He moaned in one heavy breath.

I removed my hand from him, he groaned at the absence. I moved my hand lower down his shaft and got a four finger grip around it. I tightened my hand in a squeezing motion.

"AH! J-Jo, oh...fuck..." He closed his eyes and clenched his fists.

I slid my hand slowly up then back down while rubbing and squeezing his sensitive part with the inside of my palm.

"Jovie. Ahh! Ple- mhhh, please. F-faster." He tried to say his words while he was hyperventilating and grunting.

I decided to give in, I started to pick up my pace. I ran my hand up and down feverishly, his cock was now beating hot in my hand while his pre-cum started to stream down, getting my hand wet and sticky.

"AH! MHHHH, J-JO, YES! UH, KEEP GOING." He begged in a trembling voice.

I jerked him with as much speed as I could, I could tell that he was close. His deep breathing picked up, he cried out inaudible moans and grunts with words along the lines of: 'So good' 'Oh God' 'Keep going' and 'Oh fuck'.


Suddenly I could feel a vibration go through his body, his manhood pulsated and his hips jerked as he shot a warm, white, wet, sticky liquid out of his body and onto my chest.

He laid his head back lazily, panting like he had run a marathon. I climbed off him, even though Gerard was out of breath, he still wanted to fuck. I looked at the clock, he was already running late.

"We'll pick this up later-" I smirked as I disappeared into the bathroom.

After I had stripped out of my few pieces of clothing I stepped into the shower which was streaming warm water against me. I scrubbed my body clean of all 'bodily fluids' and turned of the water. I wrapped a towel around me and exited the bathroom, Gerard wasn't in the dorm he must be in class already. I still didn't feel like doing anything today, maybe I could just sleep in and skip class. I removed my towel and started to dry my body, my phone buzzed. I grabbed my phone and checked my message, it was Gerard.

'Gee: art is boring without u :('

I smiled.

Should I?...

Yes, most definitely. I thought with a smirk.

I stood in front of my long door mirror, I opened up camera and snapped a full body shot of myself naked. I went on messages and sent the picture. I exited out and waited for a reply. After waiting a few minutes with no reply from Gee I went back on messages to see if he hot the picture. I froze. Oh. My. Fucking. God. I didnt even send it to him but I remember sending it to someone. If I didn't send that to Gerard who did I send it to.. I scrolled down my messages-

"AH!" I gasped aloud.

No! Literally one of the worst person I could have sent a nude to.

"Fuck!" The picture was already sent.

My heart was about to explode of embarrassment, my brain was still racing and saying 'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit'

Ok, ok, ok, calm down, he hasn't seen the message yet so there is some hope that I can fix thi-



At that moment I just wanted to crawl in a hole snd waste away. First I KISSED him, and with this, Chris is definitely going to have the wrong impression now. What can I say??!! 'Oh well you see, that wasn't for you, sorry to get your hopes up but that was for my roommate Gerard.' I waited anxiously for his response, but he didnt reply. I tossed my phone on my bed and sat down miserably.

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