Fuck You!

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My eyes lazily rised, I looked around, at first I didnt remember where I was but then I remembered I fell asleep on Chris's shoulder at his apartment last night. I was still dark and Chris was still sleeping against me, without disturbing him I reached for my phone and checked the time;

2:56 a.m

Jesus Christ, its almost three in the morning? I should get back to my dorm.

"Chris." I took his shoulder and wiggled it.

"Mm?" He mumbled, waking up.

"We fell asleep, its late, will you drive me back to school?" I said in a yawn.

He stretched out his body and raised from the chair.

"Yeah sure thing."


He pulled up in the campus parking lot and parked but I didnt move.

"Ill see you later." I said.

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He grinned wide, I exited the car, he watched me with a smile on his face as I left.


I opened the dorm slowly and quietly in case Gerard was still sleeping. I tip toed in.

"Jovie?" I heard Gerards tired voice.

The bedside lamp flicked on, I saw Gerard sit up in his bed.

"Sorry if I woke you up Gee." I was about to walk over to his bed and 'pick up' what we left of earlier, but I remembered I was now in a happy relationship with my boyfriend Chris, if I slept with Gerard that would be cheating and I would never cheat on someone.

"Gerard I have to tell you som-"

"Where the hell where you all day?" He interrupted with a hint of frustration in his voice.

"I told you I was hanging out with Chris." His attitude caught me off guard.

"But why didnt you call me?? I couldn't get a hold of you, you left your phone here and-"

"Gerard, chill, im here now!" I snapped, Jesus Christ, he sounded like my dad.

"Anyway, before you RUDELY cut me off! I have to tell you something, I slept at Chris's house and we-"

"Had sex?" He guessed and he rose from his bed.

"Gerard! The fuck?!?!" I gasped.

"NO! Whats your goddamn problem?! And why is that your concern anyway!?!?" I spat.

"I was worried! OK?! Im just looking out for you thats all im doing! I thought something TERRIBLE happened to you! For fucks sake, you said your were going to be out for an hour not all damn night!" He yelled as he placed a hand on his forehead, and paced tiredly around the room.

"I dont need permission from you to go out! Your not the boss of me! You dont have to know what im doing 24/7 Gerard! Get off my fucking back!"

"Look Jovie, im going to be honest with you, listen to me, I dont trust Chris, I can tell hes not the good guy he is around you!"

Why wouldnt Gerard trust Chris!... Oh fuck! Maybe he was jealous, 'he has alittle crush on you, I can so tell, its actually a little sad-' I remembered Chris telling me. Ugg! I am so fed up! We agreed that neither of us would get jealous if we were in a relationship with someone else.

"Why do you have to fuck stuff up Gerard! Your.. your just JEALOUS!" I yelled as I shoved him.

"I am not fucking jealous!!!" He said raising his voice.

"Ok sure! Thats why you cant stand me hanging out with Chris isnt it?? You cant stand the fact that he isnt YOU."

"Jovie! Can we PLEASE stop fighting?!! I dont care what you do! I dont know why your yelling at ME! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO YOU!"

"If you 'Dont care what I do' then why do you give so many fucks?!?!"

"Because I CARE! Jovie damn! Thats what FRIENDS are for!"

"Are you fucking serious!??" I argued angrily as I blew out a frustrated sigh and rolled my eyes.

"No, me and serious are just friends, we're not fucking." He said sassing me.

"Dont fuck with me!" I sassed back and crossed my arms.

Cant he take anything seriously???

"I already did and thats why we're in this mess!" He blurted out in frustration.

The room went silent. No. He. Fucking. Didnt. I thought as I stood there in awe. Gerard had that 'Oh fuck I shouldn't have said that' remorse, guilty look on his face.

"You know what! FUCK YOU." I yelled, my blood temperature was boiling, my face was red from anger.

"Jovie I-Im sorry I ju-"

"NO! Gerard we are just FRIENDS! That is all we'll ever be! I can DATE who I want to date, I can FUCK who I want to fuck, and I can DO whatever I want to do! And all of thats none of your fucking business!" I turned around and barged out the door, I walked at a furious pace down the hallway.

"Now where are you going! Jovie! Come back! I said I was sorry!" He called at the outside of the dorm.

"Im going to Naomis! Fuck off!" I yelled without looking back.

Maybe Chris was right about Gerard after all...


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