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*Gerard POV

"Jovie!? Open the door!" I said starting to get scared. I rattled the door knob but it was locked.

A loud thud had woke me from my sleep and now the silence in the room was killing me. Why wasn't she answering me?? My body tensed up with worry. I took a deep breath and slammed the side of my body against the door.

"Ag!" I stumbled backwards and held my shoulder in pain, the door was still closed. I tried to knock it down... it looked easy in the movies.

I still didnt give up, I closed my eyes, braced for impact, and rammed myself into the door again. This time the lock broke with a loud snap and the door cracked open. Feverishly, I pushed the door open and ran inside, wondering what was going on.

My eyes widened, my heart jumped up into my throat, and my stomach dropped. At that moment my body froze with fear and shock, I saw Jovie laying on the cold floor covered in blood.

"JOVIE!" I were the only words I managed to scream. I ran to her and fell to my knees beside her. I flung my arms around her and shook her.

"JOVIE! JOVIE CAN YOU HEAR ME?! JOVIE WAKE UP!" She wasn't waking up... The blood in my face drained, I must be as white as a ghost. I immediately saw where the blood was coming from.

Her wrist.

No.. She couldn't of, she wouldn't of... She, she... She killed herself. I grabbed her wrist and wrapped my fingers around it, so many scars.

"NO!" I screamed again.

My heart was beating so hard I thought it would leap out of my chest. My eyes burned as tears filled them, I squeezed my eyes shut and cried out. I began crying uncontrollably, the type of crying where you cant hold back loud sobs and you cant speak, you can barley breathe. I was trembling and shaking, I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her unto my lap, her blood covered my bare chest and pajama pants. The burning sensation traveled down my throat and to my chest, it felt like my heart was on fire. I cradled her in my arms, and repeated soothing words, like I would when she'd wake up crying, except this time she wasnt waking up.

"J-Jovie! O-oh my- my God, no no no!" I screamed, my words where hard to spit out. I muttered the word 'No' about a hundred times. No... this couldnt happen, this all just seemed so unreal, like some sort of sick twisted nightmare. I held her tightly in my arms like the way we used to hold eachother...

I looked down at her face, my tears fell from my eyes and landed on her white cheeks, she still wore a saddened look. Her beautiful face... as I looked at it, memories flashed through my mind. I remember laughing with her, she had the best smile, I remember how it felt when I kissed her, I remember falling in love with her. Now I look back down again, her look holds such pain.

"Why?! Why, w-why??" I could barley choke out the words through tears. How could I have let something like this happen!? I promised everything would get better... I promised.

I held her motionless body against me, I buried my face into her neck, I watered her with my tears. I stopped screaming, I squeezed my eyes and bit my lip, I trembled violently, the room was dead silent except for my quivering crying. I took a deep breath.

"I-I love y-you..." My words came out in a long whispering whine.

Once I stopped babbling, once the room when completely silent, I heard something. It was very faint-


And it wasn't coming from me... I gasped, and checked her pulse with the only hope I had left.

My eyes widened and my insides almost exploded. Shes alive! She just passed out from blood loss! Shes not gone I can still save her!

"Jovie! Ill get help, oh my God!"

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