Truth Part 2

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(Sorry for the late update )

*Naomi POV



"Hey calm down why are you yelling at me??!!" I snapped.

What was this guys problem?? I dont even know him!

"FUCK YOU!" He got up.


Who does he think he is to call me bad names in my own house?!

He turned around and punched me in the face.

"AH!" I didn't expect the hit.

I put my hands over my nose to stop the bleeding.I busted out in tears, im sensitive, I jump off my bed and run for my door. If hes not going to leave I will.

"HEY WERE ARE YOU GOING!?" He grabbed the back of my shirt.

"LET GO!" I squealed at him.

"WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR TOO GOOD FOR ME!!?" He yelled in my face.

I looked in his eyes, he was crying.

"Just leave me alone my brother will be back an-"

"SHUT UP!" He slapped me again and grabbed a fistful of my hair.

I tried to escape his grip but he was to strong.

He threw me to the ground.

He starts to unbutton my pants, my eyes grow wide. No, no, no, no, no anything but this, this cant happen to me.

"STOP! IM SORRY!" I try to reason with him.

He takes out a pocket knife and presses it roughly against the bottom of my chin.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" He threatened.

I bite the bottom of my lip and tears stream down my face.

He moved the knife down and used it to rip into my shirt. I use my only free hand and scratch his face with my finger nails.

"AH!" He winced.

He scolded my with his knife and sliced a deep cut into my cheek.

I gritted my teeth, I felt a gush of warm blood escape the cut.

"SEE WHAT YOU GET?! JUST LISTEN TO ME!" He yelled and slapped me in the cheek he just cut making the blood smear over my face.

He starts to work the knife on my jeans and in the process he sends cuts into my legs.

When my pants finally come off I realize how real this is. Something like this cant happen to me.

"Why are you doing this!! Please leave me alone I wont say anything just stop!!" I pleaded with blood and tears covering my face.

He quickly uses a piece of my shredded shirt to tie my hands together. He stands up and kicks my in the stomach.

"AGH!" I sobbed.

He kicked me again harder.


He unbuttons his pants and pulls them down, I immediately sheld my eyes, I dont want to see him naked.

That was a mistake.

I feel the impact of a fist connect with my eye.


I force myself to squint my eyes open but I dont whats worse, looking down or looking at his evil face.

I move my eyes around in all directions.

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