My New Fuck Buddy

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*Gerard POV


I dont think I heard right.

"Nevermind, I was just kidding, uh, ha ha..." Jo laughed nervous.

Without thinking I peck her on the lips, boy have I been wanting to do that for a long time.

"So,.. " She played with her fingers.

"So...." I started to sweat.

"Do you think we should... you know?" I cant believe she was asking me to have sex with her, no, not just that, she wanted me to be her fuck buddy. Im not sure how I feel, I want to, but, I want a real relationship and she just needs a boy toy.

"Gee, your the only guy I can trust... anything for a friend, right? It's like the time we had our first kiss at rock camp."

I thought about it, a relationship where you can sleep with your friend and not worry about love or breakups.

"Anything for a friend." I grin wide.


"So we should,... start." She cleared her throat.

"Oh, ok, yeah." We look at each other in an awkward silence.

"Lets, you know, get naked first," She chuckled nervously.

I started blushing like crazy. I didnt wanna screw this up. I raised my tee shirt over my head, even being a guy I was self conscious because I didn't have some 6-pack that most girls were interested in.

I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans, I was wearing my Aquabets boxers, great.

I heard Jo snigger.

I mentally face palmed.

Jo nervously removes her skinny jeans, shes wearing black lacey panties.

I gulp.

Shes about to take off her shirt.

"Wait let me do it." Me being the gentleman I am.

I walked up in front of her and slowly moved my hand under her shirt slipping it off, we were both in our under clothes. My heart rate speeds up. She wraps her arms around me and puts her mouth over mine. She feels so good. Every dirty thing I've ever thought about her pops up in my mind and I guide her to the bed and lay her on on her back.

*Jovie POV

Gerard was hovering over me, are tongues were in a tango. I felt him get hard and press up on my leg.

His hand went under my bra, I could feel him shiver with anticipation. He unhooked the clasp of my bra and removed it. I felt exposed but in a good way. Gee backs up and looks down at my bare chest. His eyes get big.

"Jesus Christ," He mutters under his breath.

He kisses my neck and goes further down until hes at my underwear.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" His voice is shaking.

Dear God, dont let him give up on me now, I was craving him, I needed him, NOW.

"Dont stop Gee," I groaned.

He pulls down my panties down and kissed my inner thigh.

"Let me know if im doing this right..." He says before I feel his tongue invade me, I throw my head back and toss my legs over his shoulders.

"Yes Geeeeeee!" I moan.

He flicks his tongue into a new area that makes me grit my teeth and grab a fistful of his hair.

"CHRIST GERARD!" I start panting.

He left me and kissed my lips, I looked down, his underwear was still on. I invaded his private space and put my hand in his shorts, grabbing his big hot pulsating organ.

He tenses with pleasure.

"AH AH AH OH OH OH GOD JO!!" He sure is loud, I was afraid he'd wake the whole building.

I immediately stop.

"God, Jo dont stoppp." Gerard begged.

"Condom. We need a condom!" He jumps of me and searches desperately around his room. I hear him cuss under his breath. He eyes Franks jacket hung over the computer chair, he rushes over and checks the pockets.

"Yes!" He hold up a latex condom from the breast pocket.

Of course.

He quickly tears the package open with his teeth and puts it in place.

He leaps back over me.

"Is this ok?" He positioned himself at my entrance.

I nod in anticipation.

He slides into me and shockwaves of pleasure hit my body there is a bit of pain at first but its worth it.

We both got the hang of this pretty quickly. He begins to thrust in and out.

"YES YES YES, OH GOD, YOU FEEL SO GOOD!" His face is covered in sweat and his head is thrown back while hes moaning in ecstacy.

"H-harder." I choke. He does what hes told and shoves himself roughly all the way in me.

"OH OH-GOD!" Gerard shrieks.

I tighten my legs around his waist and grind on him. Gerard lets out quick gasps and his cock starts to beat inside me, I can tell hes close. We were both hot now and the wind is getting knocked out of me.

"God Gerard-" I swallow.

"OH JOVIE Y-YOUR SO TIGHT!" He burries his face in my neck and he increases his speed x10.

"FUCK, JOVIE! AH AH IM GONNA AHHHHHHH-" He releases in me.

He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, he pulled away and layed next to me.

"So, what now?" He said through heavy breaths.

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