Rough Day

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*Two Weeks Later

"Gerard get up! We're gonna be late." I look up and Jovie hilariously throws a pillow at my head.

"Yeah, yeah, im getting up." I stretch.

My phone buzzes, a text from Frank.

'FRANKIE: u and jo meet me and jamia at my place'

'whos jamia :/' I reply.

'FRANKIE: my new gf

'k be there'

"Hey Jo, Frank wants us to meet him at his dorm."

"Okay, common lets go."

*Franks dorm

"Jovie, Gerard this is Jamia." He introduced us to a girl with short black hair.

"Hi." Me and Jo greeted.

"Hi its nice to meet you."

"Anyway I rented 'We're The Millers' wanna watch it with us?"

"Oh I've seen the previews for that movie it looks hilarious!" Jovie says excitedly.

"Ill take that as a yes." Frank invites us in, Ray isnt here because he had taken an extra vocalist class. Frank and Jamia sit on the recliner chair, Jamia on Franks lap, and Me and Jo sit on the couch.



Me and Jovie burst out in laughter, watching the scene where a giant spider crawls up Kennys shorts and bites his balls.

While me and Jo are actually enjoying the movie, Frankie and Jamia had started making out. She was facing him, legs around him, hands around his neck and kissing him passionately while Franks hands were alot lower.

Alittle awkward to watch.

Kind of a turn on.

I eyed Jovie and nodded my head in the direction of the bathroom.

She gave me a look that said.

'They'll know that we're gone and what were doing. Plus Jamia dosent know about us.'

I gave her a look that said.


She rolled her eyes but then smiled. She got up and we both walked towards the bathroom.

I turned on the light and she locked the door behind us.

She quickly pulls down her jeans but not her underwear as I do the same. She jumps onto me, use my hands to support her weight. Her bare legs are wrapped around me and her hands around my neck. I push her up against the wall so are bodies she completely pushed together. She keeps one hand on my neck while she moves one down into my boxers grabbing me.

"UH." I moan and instantly grit my teeth knowing we're in someone else's dorm and should probably keep it down.

She uses two fingers and rubs me in all the right places.I get hard and press up against her clothed area.

I lay her down in the bathtub and get on top. I sit on her and grind while moving my hands into her shirt.

Our clothes make hot friction, we're practically dry humping. She sits up and leans on me taking my neck into her mouth. I can feel her tongue press on my skin while she sucks on my neck.

"MMm." I bite my lower lip, I can hear my breathing deepen.

My turn.

I push her back and lay on top of her. I pull down my boxers and start to open the condom package.

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