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Perfect Enemies (Gerard Way x Reader) by u_w_c_h_f_d_i_c_s
Perfect Enemies (Gerard Way x local garbage
After making a big reputation for herself freshman year, Y/N has set herself to strut into sophomore year on top of the world. She has two amazing best friends, amazin...
Sweet Venom by Mari_The_Ghost
Sweet Venomby Mari The Ghost
The classic high school Vampire Gerard Way x Reader. Being best friend's with Mikey makes for a wonderfully awkward friendship. You, he and Gerard used to be inseparabl...
The dorm (gerard way x reader) by prevoid
The dorm (gerard way x reader)by Premium garbage
When (y/n) gets their room mixed up and ends up with a guy just as troubled as them, they grow close. They'll become friends, best friends but, will they become more?
Dear diary, I'm crazy for her. Gerard Way x Reader by edgy_bitch04
Dear diary, I'm crazy for her. ✨Stupid Whore✨
Gerard Way fell in love with Y/n as soon as he saw her. What happens when his love goes overboard....? _______________________________________ Dear Diary, Y/n found the...
i've never seen you around before (gerard way x reader) by lmaowhatssleep
i've never seen you around lmaowhatssleep
Y/n moves to Belleville, New Jersey with her mom. Once they unpack most of the boxes, Y/n heads to the store, where a group of guys are sitting on a pickup truck. One in...
The New Mechanic (Gerard X Reader) by Y3ll0wB1rd
The New Mechanic (Gerard X Reader)by H
Working in a male orientated environment has always been dull....until a new trainee mechanic steps through the door ⚠️ Contains Fluff/Smut ( because I can 😉) 🥇1 = cat...
Falling for Mr Way (Teacher Gerard way x student reader) by EmoWeeb27
Falling for Mr Way (Teacher J1NXMUSTD13
After your mum died you distanced yourself from all of her friends and your dad has become abusive so starting you 2nd to last year in highschool at Belleville is hard...
Unholiness  by EmoWeeb27
Unholiness by J1NXMUSTD13
Y/N found her ex-dom cheating on her so she had given up with any relationship she had with him, she went to her best friend Gerard's house because she had no where else...
Adopted by Gerard Way by mikey_fucking_way_
Adopted by Gerard Wayby I Exist
Charlie was a normal rebel that you could find at every city. But when her rebellious actions get her sent away (again) she needs to learn to trust her new family as she...
Kidnapped  by EmoWeeb27
Kidnapped by J1NXMUSTD13
Moving to Belleville wasn't what Y/N thought it was cracked up to be. After being kidnapped her whole life changes
To Be Known (Gerard Way x Reader)  by sexyassghost
To Be Known (Gerard Way x Reader) by Alex
Completed! Word Count: 8,276 Y/n has dirt on every kid in High School. Hayley has something that Y/n wants. She needs to get more information on Gerard and his friends...
Breaking Hearts Still Looks Pretty Cool by shellscreams
Breaking Hearts Still Looks Shell
Sequel to Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool
From The Earth To The Morgue by EmoWeeb27
From The Earth To The Morgueby J1NXMUSTD13
|| Vampire!Gerard way x Reader|| Y/N, a history, art and music enthusiast who is new to the city of Belleville New Jersey. She moved all the way from California because...
We Can Make It Up Again || S-I-N Sequel by Electric_Revenge
We Can Make It Up Again || S-I-N Official Electric Revenge©
Do you miss me? 'Cause I miss you. The sequel to S-I-N, I, S-I-N. Do not read this unless you're in the mood for spoilers, read the first book then come back. This plot...
Subway by heymoon123
Subwayby Mclovin
Everyday Y/n takes the subway to work, with the same people, going to the same places as every other day. One day, she strikes up a conversation with a boy she's seen al...
Careful by heymoon123
Carefulby Mclovin
Y/n is a freshman in college, her and her friend, Annabelle, have their whole college planned out, starting with rooming together. But when their room mates get mixed up...
Take A Picture- Ferard by groovylady
Take A Picture- Ferardby groovealert
Fuck the paparazzi. Ferard/frerard
Gerard way one shots/imagines  by RogueRebel883
Gerard way one shots/imagines by RogueRebel
Gerard Way one shots Gerard x reader No frerard. 🏅 No 1 in gerardxreader *Ongoing* Will be updated as much as I can.
gerard way oneshots by iIlness
gerard way oneshotsby illness
oneshots about the one and only, gerard way. relatively well written but definitely very cliche. i hope u enjoy!