Im Naomi

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I wait for Jovie, shes in the bathroom taking the test.

Please, please, please be a negative!!!

She burst out the door holding the test.

"Its negative!!!!" She smiles and hugs me as I let out a sigh of relief.

"I knew I was just sick." She laughs breaking the hug.

"Fuck, we're late for art." I pull out my phone, she throws away the pregnancy test and grabs her book bag.

*Jovie POV

Me and Gerard sit at art class, we see Jason and his whore Jessica pointing at us and cracking jokes.

"Emo losers." I heard them laugh. But I just mind my own business and roll my eyes.

"Ok guys and girls, you will start your animation project today, please quickly get into groups of three." Ms. Lawrence instructs.

Three? Really? Ive never been good at working with others.

"Who do you wanna work with." Gerard leans over.

"Uhhh..." I think, I look around the room.

Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Ug, definitely hate.

"Excuse me, do you have a third partner??" I look to see whos talking to me.

Hm, I never seen her in this class before.

"Im Naomi." She holds out her hand. Shes wearing white converse, purple skinny jeans, a 'Foster the People' band shirt, and she has brown hair dip dyed pink. Definitely a scene person.

"Im Jovie but you can call me Jo, and this is my friend Gerard."

"Hi." Gerard waved.

"So can I work with you guys?" She smiles.


She sits down in the seat next to me. She looks older than everyone in the class, in fact she look a little old to be in a freshman college class.

"How old are you, erm, no offense."

"Oh, dont worry I've been getting that question alot today, im 21."

"Wow, what are you doing in a freshman class." Gerard comes into the conversation.

"Well iv always wanted to take art in college, its sort of my dream, I want to make cartoons and animations, especially creepy ones like David Firth."

"Oo David Firth! I've seen his videos on YouTube before, I had nightmares for a week..,"

"Yeah, I like it, hes an inspiration. Anyway I'd planned on going to college at 18 like you guys but I kinda...something came up."

Now time for the main question.

"What kind of music do you like?"

"What kind do you like?" She gave me back the question.

"Oh well, screamo and rock basically. I love Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens."

"Hm, well screamos not my cup of tea. I love rock though, not really heavy metal. I love pop punk, alternative, and indie. I listen to the classics no matter how old they are. I like electronic sound stuff or DubStep. My favorite bands are; Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons, 3OH!3, Shrillex, Daft Punk, Foster The People, Artic Monkeys, Sublime, Cage The Elephant, The Beastie Boys, The 1975, Joy Division, The Neighbourhood, Fall Out Boy, Hollywood Undead, and Simple Plan."


We started are project but we got off topic after we found out Naomi is HILARIOUS, throughout class she would crack jokes and tell us stories, I can definitely see her making a cartoon, shes one herself.

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