Asking For It

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We look at each other in awe.

Its him.

My first kiss and my best friend.

I wrap my arms around him.

"Oh my God! I cant believe its actually you!" I laugh.

As I pull away from the hug his eyes lock with mine ours mouths are so close our noses are touching.

I want to kiss him but this is my best friend I dont want to screw it up with a relationship.

Gerard must have a completely different opinion on the subject because I see his lip quiver and he places a hand on the back of my head moving my mouth onto his, I dont stop him.

As we start making out my mind goes in a trance and I dont think twice about what we do.

He leans down on me, as I bite his lower lip he moans quietly.

I feel him start to grow from below.

Is he getting horny?!?

"Jovie I-" He starts to whisper before we hear someone rattle the door knob.

We both immediately break away as Frank gets the door open.

"Hey guys, you didnt wanna eat with us today?" Frank walks in.

Me and Gerard stay awkwardly quiet.

"You guys are acting weird.... did I interrupt something?" He laughs while raising an eyebrow seductively.

"What? No." I break the silence.

"Well ok then, look, me and Ray were thinking we have a video game marathon today in your dorm, considering you have a TV."

"Um sure that fine." Gerard says.

"Okay, be back in a sec." Frank rushes out and to his dorm, leaving us alone again.

"Jo, about that kiss, im sorry."

"Dont worry, its behind us now we wont do it again." I did enjoy the kiss but Gee was right, it wasn't supposed to happen.

Frank comes back with Ray and their video game system. Ray sets bags of chips on the floor and Frank gets comfortable by throwing his jacket over my computer chair.

We play four players on the wii but I kept losing, I wasn't focused on the video game I was focused of Gerard. That kiss did something to me, I wanted to kiss him again.

Dont be stupid.

All relationships end and Gerard is just some one I dont want to lose. Before I came here I actually got into a nasty break up with my ex- boyfriend Chris. Yup, I dont need the stress of a boyfriend anyway.

"Common Jovie your in last place!" Ray whinnes I look at the screen and see my Yoshi way behind the others.

I need to think.

"Guys imma quit im tired." I faked a yawn which was believable because it was already hitting midnight.

"Oh shit, its already 12, Frank lets go we have our first rehearsal class tomorrow." Ray pauses the game.

"Fine whatever lets go." Frank rolls his eyes before unplugging his game system.

"Night guys." Frank and Ray say simultaneously.

"Night." We respond.

I look at Gee once again, hes as lovable and sweet as he was 8 years ago.

My big mouth was about to get me in another sticky situation.

"I saw you the other night." I quickly shut my mouth.

"Huh?" He responds honestly confused.

"Uh, your hand- In your" *cough "boxers, you said my name..."

"What are you talking about?" He turns away from me so I dont see that expression he makes when hes lying.

I felt bad for bringing this up he must feel so embarrassed.

"I wasn't doing... I didn't-" He sputters.

"Gerard can I ask you something." I walk over to him.

He stays quiet then runs his hand over his hair.

"Yeah Jo, anything."

I take a deep breath knowing Ill need alot of explaining.

"I think its would be good for both us... Remember when we kissed at camp, a friend kiss? A kiss that we both enjoyed because were best friends and we didnt have to be nervous around each other. Gerard I- I I know what you think of me and I think the same... But your an amazing person and I dont want to throw away our friendship for some sappy romance just so we can fuck. I was thinking maybe we can have both. We can be friends, but we can have sex with each other. No romance and no boyfriend girlfriend stress. We can enjoy what we have now and still have satisfaction. Friends with benefits, you know?"


This chapter was bad, I- yeah.

Dont worry things are about to get very 'interesting' in the next chapter. ;D

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