It Started Out With A Kiss

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I apologize in advance for spelling errors... (The title of this chapter is a reference to the song 'Mr. Brightside' by 'The Killers'


*Three Weeks Later

"...when you go

just know that I will remember you

I lost my fear of falling

I will be with you

I will be with you!"

The guys finished showing me, Naomi, and Alex their song 'Its Not A Fashion Statement Its A Fucking Deathwish' In the band room after classes. They've been practicing alot lately and they keep getting better and better, some people in the hallway would hear the music and look in through the door window to see what was going on. Gerards voice is amazing!

Gerard put his microphone on the stand. He moved some hair out of his face, he was wearing his Smashing Pumpkins shirt with black jeans and white converse. His bruises were still easily visible on his face but his lip had healed and his black eye was practically gone.

Gerard was right, Chris had left us alone, well so far. We haven't seen him since the incident between him and Gee. And I didnt want to see him. Chris is a complete jerk, and I was stupid to give him a second chance. I should have know he didn't change, he never will. At least Gerard was okay, I guess thats all that matters.

"Guys that was amazing! Gerard your singing was awesome!" I complemented him with a hug.

"You really think so??" He smiled sheepishly.

Naomi and Alex started clapping.

"Yeah Gerard you guys rock. I have a feeling that your band is going to be big one day" Naomi said.

"Mommy! Can I be in a band!" Alex said jumping up and down.

"Sweetie, you have a few years to go before your old enough to start a band..." Naomi smiled and ruffled Alexandras hair.

"But Gerard and Frank-"

"If Gerard and Frank jumped off a cliff would you too?" Naomi retorted with the classic saying.

"Yeah... Their dead bodies would break my fall." She gave Naomi a morbid smile.

"Well what should we do today to celebrate?" I asked.

"Celebrate what?" Gerard said confused.

"Oh I think you know... Birthday boy." I laughed.

"Gerard its your birthday?" Naomi said.

"Yeah, no big deal. Just another year closer to death." Gerard shrugged.

Today was April 9th and Gerard has turned nineteen. Gerard really didnt care for birthday parties.

"I know what to do! Lets get wasted!!!" Frank jumped in, fist pumping into the air.

"Mom can I get wasted too, pleaasssee." Alex whinned, pulling on Naomis 'All Time Low' tee.

Naomi rolled her eyes and picked up Alexandra.

"See you guys tomorrow." She waved to us. Alex pouted. They exited the band room.

"We cant drink. We're not twenty one." I sighed.

"Oh whatever, turning twenty one just means you can legally do all the things you've been doing since you were sixteen." Gerard said with a grin.

"Oh! I know. My friend Bob is throwing a sick party tonight we should go!" Frank said excitedly.

"A party? Sounds great!" I agreed. A party would be awesome, I definitely needed a break for fun.

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