Sweet Dreams

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It was 7:30, Alex came to my dorm at around six and so far iv been able to keep her occupied with a coloring book. She was in her batman footie pajamas. She was laying on the floor coloring a picture of a cat. I was sitting on my bed, thinking.

What if she dosent accept my apology?

I shook my head, overthinking things can make you worry about problems that dont even exist.

Without Jovie I find myself frustrated, not sexually frustrated, more like cuddle frustrated. Like I wish she was here with me so I could hold her tight and snuggle- I deserve to be cuddled I AM A GOOD PERSON!!!

I laid my head against my pillow and my thoughts put me to sleep.

'I was on stage, in front of thousands- no, millions of screaming fans. It was an outdoor concert, it was dark out, the bright lights from the stage was the only thing bringing life into the night. Where was I? What was going on? I looked behind me, I saw Frank, Ray, and even my BROTHER Mikey. I looked down, in my hand I was holding a microphone. My outfit was all black. I reached up and touched my face, was I wearing makeup?? Apparently we had just finished preforming. I stepped down from the stage but I was immediately surrounded my people.

"GERARD, GERARD, GERARD!" They all chanted my name.

"Thank you! Thank you!" I waved at them in the only response I could think of.

All the sudden I was signing autographs, I scribbled my name across CDs and Posters. I walked around, everywhere I went guys cheered for me and girls fainted. Fans stood next to me and snapped photos, they ran up to me and hugged me, they told me how amazing I was, and that they LOVED me.

I even saw JASON. He was curled up in a cardboard box, covered in dirt and ripped clothing.

"Spare change? Spare change sir?" He begged weakly holding out a empty mug.

"Oh my God its Gerard Way!" I tall boy pointed me out to his friends.

"GERARD I LOVE YOU!" Screamed out a teenage girl with short blue hair and snake bites.

"GERARD HAVE MY BABIES!" Yelled a ginger girl covered in black clothes and freckles.

"GERARD YOUR SO SEXY!" Squealed a short girl with glasses and a boy-like haircut.

"I WANNA FUCK YOU!" I heard from a few ladies in the crowd.

But out of all the screaming voices that surrounded me, one stood out the most.


I immediately spun around and looked for the familiar voice. I felt someone wrap their arms around me, I looked to see who it was.

"Jovie??" I smiled shocked.

"You did great up there Gee!"

"GERARD YOU ROCKED UP THERE! I CANT WAIT TO TELL ALL MY FRIENDS THAT I KNOW GERARD WAY!" A young teenager suddenly appeared, she was wearing a black band tee, ripped skinny jeans and her long black hair was tied up in a messy bun. She smiled up at me, somehow she looked familiar, those blue eyes...


"Well DUH Gerard! Who else??" She sassed and playfully punched me in the shoulder.

"Your acting funny Gerard, you alright?" Jovie placed both her arms around my neck and looked at me with sincere eyes. I gulped, her beautiful face made my heart beat faster.

"Yeah, I-Im fine..."

She brought her face up to mine and kissed my lips, it was like time stopped and everyone around us disappeared. She didnt remove her lips from mine, I kissed her back. My tongue lip between her lips and the kiss became more intense, more exciting. I grapped her by the hips and pulled her closer to me, with a blink of an eye the entire setting changed. We seemed to be in a tour bus maybe, I couldn't tell. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my hips, I must have somehow gotton the upper body strength to hold her up.

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