Terrible Thoughts

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*3 weeks Later

I open my eyes.

"wha..." I can barely speak my throat is dry, I look around. I want to ask 'where am I?' but the answer seems quite clear.

A hospital.

Im laying in a white hospital bed, I raise my arms to look at them. Theres a purple bruise and above that I see that im wearing a hospital bracelet that says 'Jovie Hamilton' and theres a needle in my arm where im hooked up to a machine. I touch my face and immediately draw back, it stings even to feel. Although I feel a clothy bandage over my nose. How did I get here? The last thing I remember was-

Terrible memories flashed in my mind, I wanted to bust back out in tears. I remember everything, I cringed as I watched the memories play back in my head. I heard light snoring next to me, I turn my head to see Gerard sleeping in the chair right next to my bed. His black hair is messy and unbrushed, theres a small amount of stubble on his chin. He looks like a complete nervous wreck.

"G-Gerard." It comes out as a whisper.

He immediately jerks awake and looks at me with wide eyes.

"JOVIE!" He throws his arms over me and embraces me in a tight hug. I let out a small whimper in pain as his arms pressed against my bruises.

"Sorry!" He backs off, he slid his hand under my palm and held it sincerely.

"Oh God, Jovie, a-are you okay? How do you feel??" He was talking at a hundred miles per hour.

"Wha- when, how long have I been here?" I asked, looking around the hospital room.

"You've been out cold for about three weeks, they thought you weren't going to make it." He answered quietly.

Three fucking weeks?! I remember Chris hitting me in the back of my head as I tried to escape him, I cant believe he managed to knock me into a coma for almost a month.

"How... How did I get here?"

"It was getting late. And you still weren't back yet... I finally went to his apartment to check on you." Gerard trailed off, he gulped and a guilty look appeared on his face.

"I-I should have came sooner! None of this would have had happened if I had just came sooner! I could have helped you... I could have stopped him... Im so sorry, I-" He said tearing up.

Gerard was blaming himself for what happened to me and it tore my heart apart. He didnt cause all this, Chris did. Wait, what happened to Chris?

"Chris." It killed me to even say the bastards name. He put me in the hospital. Where was he now? Jail? Or roaming free, looking innocent on the outside.

"Where is he?" I asked. I was hoping for Gerards answer to be jail, but im not that lucky.

"No one knows. He wasn't in the apartment, he ran off." Gerard said weakly with his head down.

Hes gone. He cant fucking get away with this. Hes probably far, far away from here by now. Probably moved states, changed his name, changed his look.

"Im sorry, im so sorry." Gerard let a few tears trickled down his cheeks, he covered his face with hand and sniffled. I hated seeing him like this, I too felt myself at the edge of tears. I fucking hate Chris, I fucking hate him. The memories of what he did to me were on repeat in my head and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it. I remember how he hit me, I remember how he took advantage of me, and I remember how I screamed for help and nobody heard me. As much as I like to wash my brain with bleach to erase the terrible thoughts, I couldn't. It was something I would have to live with for rest of my God awful fucking life.

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