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My eyes blinked awake, I sighed in relief that it was a Saturday. I hear a very close deep breathing and I look to my left.

"Gee?" Ug he forgot to go back to his bed last night.

Are naked bodies were close together and our limbs were tangled.

He did look a little adorable while he was sleeping... his hair was a ruffled mess and he was lightly snoring. He unconsciously threw his arm over me and snuggled closer. This was alittle 'too' affectionate for me.

"Gerard!" I pushed him farther away from me.

"Huhh-" He yawned as he woke.

"You forgot to go to your bed last night."

"But your just so comfortable!" He whined.

I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"I had fun last night.." He tilted his head and gave me a smile.

I was about to reply when Frank barged in without warning.


"Dude!" Gerard pulls the blanket higher over me.

"What do you want Frank?" I said in an annoying tone.

"Well I see someone's not a morning person! Anyway-" He stopped and his nose twitched.

"It smells like sex in here."

"Ok, get on with it Frankie-"

"Oh yes, anyway, me and Jamia are going out of town for the weekend but we're going to see a movie If you guys wanna come."

"Sure that sounds great but can you give us a chance to put some clothes on??" Gerard blushed.

"Its nothing I havent seen before-"


I burst out laughing. Frank left and closed the door behind him so we could change.

"Its a long story..." Gerard trailed off as he got out of bed and walked to his cabinets.

"Gee I dont know if I can make the movies, I took an extra credit art project that I should work on."

"Awww, common you can do that tomorrow!" He pleaded.

"No, seriously, I need to start on it, its due first thing Monday and I didn't even start it."

"Your such a KillJoy!.. And not the good ones."


"Nothing, I guess ill see you later." He said putting on his shirt.

*Gerard POV

Me, Frank, and Jamia sat in the theater while the previews rolled on. I started to think about Jo, ok so I didnt 'forget' to go back to my own bed. I wanted to snuggle and cuddle with her. Having to be alone after sex makes me feel dirty.

After that date, I dont know, it felt nice to be her boyfriend for a night.

*Jovie POV

"Common, common, just focus!" I had trouble getting inspired for my art project.



Is that Gerard back already? I raised myself from my bed and opened the door.

"C-CHRIS?!?!?!?!?!!!!" I actually shouted, shocked.

"Jovie! I missed you!" Chris wrapped his arms around me.

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