Face The Truth

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*Gerard POV

Oh fuck.

Jovie immediately backed away from me and ran towards Chris, he backed away from her and into the hallway.

"Chris its not what it-"

"Liar!" He gritted his teeth. His eyes where filled with hurt and sadness.

"Chris, Im sorry!" She pleaded for his forgiveness.

"Your sorry?? You fucking cheated on me! And sorry is all you have to say!? How could you do this!?? I LOVED you! Your supposed to love me!" He raised his voice. His sadness turned to anger. He clenched his fist til his knuckles where white.

*Jovie POV

"Calm down! I- I didn't mean to kiss him, it just happened! Let me expla-"

"Shut up!" He yelled loudly.

He grabbed my wrist and jerked me towards him, I winced, he was stronger than I thought. His hand squeezed my wrist so hard I thought he'd break it, his nails pinched my skin. Pain rushed through my entire arm, I sucked my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut.

"OW! Ow ow ow! Let GO!" I squeaked.

"Hey! What are you doing! Leave her alone!" Gerard jumped in.

"HEY! Stay out of this! Ill kick your ass!"

Chris was intimidating, and stronger than Gerard. Gee ran up to Chris and tried to push him back. He didnt even budge. Chris used his free hand and grabbed Gerards shirt collar while he twisted my wrist.

"HEY! shat the fuck is going on???" Frank appeared in the hallway. Frank and Chris were probably an equal match if it came to fighting. However Frank wouldn't jump in and hit Chris when Alex was hiding behind his leg watching the whole thing terrified.

"None of your fucking business! Dont tell me wha-"

"I'll call the cops!" Frank interrupted as he held up his cell phone.

With the word 'cops' Chris immediately released my wrist. I examined it, it had white print from each one of his fingers and four small pink slits from his nails. Even though he didnt want to let Gerard go, the look on his face said he wanted to beat the living shit out of him, he didnt want to risk the cops getting involved. He let go of Gee and slammed his palm against his shoulder, the impact of the shove sent Gerard stumbling back.

"Oh your so dead! Watch your back Gerard!" He growled.

"As for me and you!-" He hit his finger against my shoulder with force.

"We're OVER! And dont come crawling back to me you little SLUT!" He spat.

My heart shattered into a billion pieces. We're over? Things we going good for us this time... I ruined the entire fucking thing. Im a slut?? I looked back down at my wrist, it might turn bruised. Why is he treating me like this, he loves me. He threatened to KILL Gerard, this isn't the Chris I know.

Alex whimpered and placed her hands over her ears.

"ENOUGH! Just get the fu- Get out of here!" Frank hissed, he picked up Alex and placed her on his hip, she buried her face in Franks shoulder.

Chris let out a frustrated grumble and swore under his breath. He turned around and stopped down the hallway out of sight.

"Chris!" I called after him.

No response. Did he just walk out of my life? I tryed to gulp but my throat was dry. Frank walked over to me and looked at my arm.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

Okay? Was I okay? No. Absolutely fucking not.

"... Im fine, just fine." I choked.

I took Alexandra away from Frank and placed her on my hip, I didnt have the energy to get my things tonight, I was emotionally exhausted.

"Jovie... Im sorry." I heard Gerard mumble sincerely.

I didnt respond. I held Alex and proceeded to walk down the hallway.

*Gerard POV

Jovie had a look of pure sadness on her face, it killed me on the inside. Why do I always manage to fuck things up. If I hadn't had kissed Jovie she wouldnt be in this mess. Why did I kiss her in the first place? I wanted to be friends with her, I reminded myself. Shes so... beautiful, perfec- Oh God. It hit me. I have a problem. I didnt want to really be friends... deep down I want something more than that. Iv refused to accept it for a while now, but now I face it. I have a... crush. And even worse than that-

Im in love.

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