Chapter 19: Betrayal Pt. 2

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Chloe's POV:

"Cameron, why are you here?" I asked him sternly. He walks closer towards me. "I might have to ask you the same thing," he smirks. I back away from him and fold my arms.

"Whatever we had is gone now," I say bluntly. I said it so all of a sudden that I didn't know if I had hurt his feelings or not. It didn't matter anyway, he had caused me enough trouble in my life.

"What do you mean? I came here to apologize to April," he explains to me. I stand there and just stare at him. "I came here to do the same," I glance out into the sunset and watch the sun appear lower under the horizon. At that moment, I had forgotten about everything, and I felt at peace.

But of course Cameron had to ruin the moment.

"What are you looking at?" He asks me looking towards the sunset, also. "Nothing," I say plainly. "Let's just get this over with," I say while rolling my eyes. Before I could think or talk myself out of it, I knock on April's door.

April's brother, Jalen, comes and opens the door. "Are you guys here to see April?" He asks.

"Yes," Cameron and I say at the same time. Jalen opens the door wider for us to walk in. Cameron quickly squeezes my ass, but Jalen couldn't see. I take one last quick, but angry glance at Cameron, and he slightly puts his hands up as if it was on accident. I hit him in the head and walk inside, with him following me close behind.

I think I hated Cameron now. I've just noticed how annoying he was, but I was blinded by that before because I was too busy stealing my friend's crush. And I really did feel bad about what I did. I wish I could take it back. I wish I could take everything back.

We go directly towards her room and the door was wide open. I take a peek inside and April was watching Netflix with her back turned to us. I take in a deep breath and lightly knock on the door. "April.." I start off.

She turns around and her facial expression turns from anger to sadness once she saw Cameron. She quickly looks down and wraps the blanket tighter around her. "What do guys want?" She asks sternly.

"W-we came to apologize," Cameron stutters. She slowly looks up to face us. "Yeah. We wanted, well, I wanted to say that I'm sorry that you had to see what you saw. I feel awful about it," I say sincerely to her.

April doesn't say anything, she just stands up and looks at us back and forth.

"Why?" She asks angrily. "W-why what?" Cameron asks.

"Why did you guys do this to me? Chloe you knew I liked him. And Cameron you were completely oblivious!" She says, slightly raising her voice.

"I'm sorry. I really am... I don't know what came over me," I say apologetically. "I am too, I feel really bad for hurting you," Cameron says not even seeming like he was sorry.

Pathetic, I think to myself.

"I'm not sure 'sorry' is going to cut it this time," she crosses her arms and points to her door, motioning for us to leave. We slowly make our way out of her room and she slams her door behind us.

We show ourselves out of her house. I was about to leave, but Cameron speaks up. "What did she mean by 'this time'?" He asks suspiciously.

"I-it was nothing," I say avoiding eye contact. I pick up my bike and get ready to go. No one could know about what I did to April. And I probably just messed up my chance to start over with her.

I start to hop on my bike, but Cameron stopped me by grabbing my arm. He looked me dead into the eyes, and stared at them for a good minute.

"Chloe. Tell. Me," he says sternly.

"Let me the fuck go and then maybe I'll tell you," I say to him. He tightens his grip. "Chloe..." he says distantly. I sigh a breath of frustration and force his arm off of me.

"Fine, I'll tell you. But not here," I say to him getting on my bike. "Why not?" He asks.

I stare at him. "Cameron.. this is serious. It's actually illegal. You can't tell anyone," I say angrily. He nods his head as if he understood that it was important.

I get on my bike and he follows behind me, while riding his, until I took him to where we were going to talk.

April's POV:

I couldn't even cry anymore. I had no tears left. The only choice I had was to be angry.

I don't know who I was more angry at. Chloe or Cameron.

They both betrayed me and neither one of them did anything to stop it. Cameron acted like he wasn't even sorry, and Chloe... this is her second time betraying me.

I could never trust her with any of my secrets again. She humiliated me. I could've reported her to the police. I thought she was my very bestest friend and loved me the minute I transferred to their school.

But I guess not.

I guess it was part of her little plan to tear me to pieces.

Until she completely breaks me down..

I wanted Finn to come over and comfort me. Me and Noah didn't really tell each other everything, but Finn and Angel were the only ones who made me feel better by letting me tell them my problems. I honestly think Chloe doesn't deserve Finn at all. He had no idea about what she's done to me in the past and now. I grabbed my phone to text Finn.

Me: Finn...😭
Finny👻: I'm coming with the icecream 💕

I was glad he already knew when I needed comfort, and when I didn't need comfort.

He made me feel safe for once. I can trust him with anything..

I just hope he doesn't turn on me like his little girlfriend did to me.

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