Chapter 5: FaceTime

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Angel's POV:

I wake up on the floor to see the sun peeking out of my windows a little to show that it's really early in the morning. I look up to see Finn and Chloe cuddling and asleep.

Awnnn, must be nice.

I start to look around for Noah. I roll over to see him on the other side of me, fast asleep. I stare at him for a while, admiring him, then I notice that he's really close to me. I'm almost tempted to kiss him while he's sleeping, but then think to myself:

What if he's secretly awake? 

What if he wakes up while I'm kissing him?

What if Chloe sees me....

That last question scared the shit out of me. I did not want Chloe knowing about me liking Noah.

But I just couldn't resist his adorable face and his soft lips. I slightly sit up and just look at him.

I turn my head to make sure Chloe and Finn are still asleep. I slowly, but surely, start to lean in. I kiss him lightly on his cheek, small enough for him to stay asleep, but long enough to make my heart pound out of my chest. I couldn't believe that I actually did it.

I let go of the kiss and quickly lay back down, but snuggle closer to Noah until our bodies are touching (a/n: not like that you pervs, back off💀😂).

I feel Noah start to move a bit, and puts his arm on me. I don't think he meant to do it on purpose, but he did it. My stomach was full of butterflies and I couldn't help but smile. I fall back asleep with a big grin on my face and dream about Noah.

*LATER AT 1:00 P.M.*

Noah's POV:

I slowly wake up and flutter my eyes. I see that my arm is on Angel and I quickly remove it, nervous and embarrassed. I notice that we were really close. I look around and see that Finn and Chloe wasn't in the room.

I heard laughter from Chloe downstairs and the sound of pots and plates clacking.

They must be making breakfast or something, I think to myself.

I didn't want to leave Angel's side. She looked so adorable when she was sleeping, I just wanted to kiss her, hug her, and keep her safe in my arms. I moved closer towards her, then sit up to see her face.

Her hair was messy and cute at the same time, and she was smiling in her sleep. I remove my arm and go on the other side of her until we're face to face. I just stare at her for a while and she starts mumbling, but I didn't know what she was saying. All I can do is smile, realizing how much I really liked Angel and found myself falling more in love with her by the second.

God, Angel is so beautiful.

Before I could think or talk myself out of it, I kiss her on her forehead. It was a small peck. I felt my heart racing and my head spinning. I let go of the kiss and move back onto the other side, cuddling her and putting my arm back where it was.

Angel starts to groan and slowly rolls then sits up, looking at the clock on the other side of the room.

"Morning, Nugget," I say to her. She turns her head to face me and smiles. "Back at ya, Nugget," she says while laughing. I chuckle and sit up.

"I think Chloe and Finn are making breakfast," I say. "I smelllll it," she says getting up to go downstairs. I follow her to the kitchen and it turns out that they made breakfast for all of us.

"Bon Appetit," Finn says handing us a plate full of warm Eggos with bacon and Orange Juice.

"You guys are literally the best," I say to them. "We know," Chloe says while laughing.

We all dig into the delicious breakfast and enjoy spending time with each other.

*SUNDAY* (it was Saturday)

Angel's POV:

Saturday was the best, I had fun with my friends. I kissed Noah, even though he doesn't know. I kinda wish he did though..

I go on my phone and scroll through Instagram and get an Incoming Facetime call from 'Noah😍🙃'. I wait a few seconds so I wouldn't look desperate then I answer.

His face appears on the screen and I see that he's laying in bed watching TV. "Wassup smol bean," I say to him. He chuckles and looks at the camera. "Nothing much, fangirl," he says smiling.

Me and Noah talk on the phone for about three hours straight and then he had to go help cook dinner. I get sad, but we say our goodbyes. He blows a quick kiss to me, I blush and laugh. He chuckles and hangs up.

After that, I couldn't stop smiling.

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