Chapter 11: Birthday Present

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April's POV:

Angel and Chloe were at my house helping me with talking to boys. I don't like anyone at our school, but I have this gigantic crush on Cameron Boyce, the boy who was in Descendants, Jessie, etc. His hair was a really dark brown, almost black and his eyes were also dark brown (pic on top). He had freckles all over his face, which made him even cuter.

It's a good thing I was sort of a famous youtuber because he actually responded to my happy birthday message to him. I almost had a complete heart attack.

_aprilwazhere_: happy birthday cam cam!😘🎊🎂 just wanted to tell you to not let anyone ruin your day (and to tell you that I'm your biggest fan) lmaoo😂 have a gr8 day💘
thecameronboyce: ahh thanks so much!❤️ i've seen your yt channel and i love it😊
_aprilwazhere_: omg thank youuuu oso much😭❣️ im hyperventilating rn bc i didnt think u would respond💀
thecameronboyce: i have to respond to my favorite youtuber 😘 whats ur #?

I screamed a blood curdling scream and I almost cried tears of joy. Angel and Chloe covered their ears. "What the hell, April! You nearly made me go deaf!" Chloe exclaims.

"I'm sorry! But Cameron asked for my number! My fucking number!!!" I exclaim excitedly. "Good, maybe he'll fall for you," Angel says while wiggling her eyebrows.

"I hope so!" I reply loudly while giving Cameron my number. A few minutes later, I get a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: hey April issa Cameron 🙃
Me: well hello there 😂

I change his name to 'Crush🤐😍'

Crush🤐😍: wyddd?
Me: txting u
Crush🤐😍: o rly now? i didnt know 😂
Me: lmaoo💀

"Guys, o.m.g., my heart is pounding," I say to them. "For why? Chloe asks me, while laughing and not looking up from her phone.

"He's super funny, but the conversations ending," I say sadly. "Tell him you want to meet him," Angel suggests. "Oooh, good idea," I agree.

Me: cameronnnn
Crush🤐😍: yes aprillllll
Me: i rly rly rly want to meet you 😭
Crush🤐😍: what if I said I wanted to do the same😅
Me: i would jump up and down on my bed
Crush🤐😍: well start jumping bc im going to come see you
Crush🤐😍: this may sound weird but ik what school you go to 😬
Me: 😂you know that how?
Crush🤐😍: I may or may not have looked you up 😁
Me: oh gosh🤦🏽‍♀️😂

I get up and start jumping on my bed. "What has gotten into you?" Chloe asks me while laughing. "Cameron wants to meet me!" I exclaim. Both Angel and Chloe get up and we all jump and scream on my bed.

"Oh my God, Cameron is hot! Lucky you," Chloe says to me. "You mean not as hot as Finn," Angel tells her.

"You're right..." she mumbles. We all laugh and have a good time. I get a text from Cameron saying 'Ft?? I'm bored standing outside' I respond by Facetiming him. I show a black screen at first and he answers with him making a cute face in the camera.

 I show a black screen at first and he answers with him making a cute face in the camera

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I motion Chloe and Angel to stay quiet. Cameron and I talk for a long time, and get to know each other better. I even introduce him to Chloe and Angel because they wouldn't keep quiet.

After about an hour he says he has to go and will call me later.

"Alrighty, don't forget though!" I say pointing my finger at the camera. "I won't forget," he says pointing back. "Okay good," I say. He laughs and waves at the camera while hanging up.

I sigh a breath of relief laying on my bed, knowing that it went well. "Guys, why is he so gosh darn cute?" I ask them.

"Oof, little April is in love," Angel replies while giggling. Chloe nods her head in agreement and laughs along.

"Oh shut up. I am not in love," I say while playfully rolling my eyes.

"Is it weird that we all have famous people," I say. "What do you mean?" Chloe asks. I sit up to face her.

"I mean you and Finn like each other, Angel and Noah would be so cute together, and now hopefully me. And they're all famous," I say.

"Ugh, you're unbelievable April," Chloe laughs while throwing a pillow at me. I scratch my head, shrug and laugh along with her.

"Just saying," I reply to her.

Angel and Chloe continue to talk about whatever, while I was lost in my own little world.

I sure do hope things work out great though, I say to myself.


Angel's POV:

I went home after I had hung out with April and Chloe. I was still thinking about what to do about Chloe not wanting me to date Noah. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone buzzing. I pick up my phone to see that I got an instagram DM from Cameron.

thecameronboyce: hey you're April's friend right?
itzzangell_0: yes I am 😊 what's up?
thecameronboyce: I need your help so that I can surprise April by seeing her
itzzangell_0: ahh! she'll love the surprise, but yeah I'll help you
thecameronboyce: ikr... but I saw your ig pics and you're not too bad yourself😅😏
itzzangell_0: uh what's that supposed to mean?
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What the hell was he trying to say? I ask myself.

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