Chapter 18: Surprises

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Chloe's POV:

I wake up on the bathroom floor to see blood stains on the tiles.

I haven't died yet... great, I say sarcastically to myself.

I get up and clean the blood stains off of the floor. I look into the mirror to see my hair is messy and my face is stained with tears and mascara. I look at my wrist to see the cuts and the dried up blood.

How long have I been knocked out? I take a look at the time.

1:52 a.m.

I've only been knocked out for about 30 minutes or so, which is pathetic. I wanted to be knocked out longer, so that I wouldn't have to deal with the world. So that I wouldn't have to deal with whatever my dumbass decides to do next to ruin everything. I don't even know what to do with myself. I start to think about everything I've done and I think about my family.

I can't do this anymore... but Noah and the rest of my family would be devastated if I killed myself.

And so would Angel. April... not so much.

I can't talk to anyone about it, but killing myself would be a mistake. Being with Cameron was a mistake.

Everything I do is a complete mistake.

Noah's POV:

6:30 a.m.

I was glad I was able to go to school, for once. The only reason was because I wanted to see Angel.

I could finally be with her without it being a secret. We didn't have to hide from anyone, and I'm glad Chloe didn't have anything to say about us. I honestly didn't care what she thought about my relationships.

I had a surprise for Angel. She was going to be super excited. All I hope is that she likes it.

I get up, take a shower and get dress. I put on a regular red shirt with blue jeans (pic on top, even though his shirt is inside out 😂)

I fix my hair a bit and text Angel.

Me: hey I have a surprise for you after school☺️
Love❤️💍: rly?! What is it???
Me: its a surpriseee silly😂
Love❤️💍: sighh. Ill be waiting😭
Me: ik you will💕
Love❤️💍: see you at school❤️
Me: cya❤️

Angel literally makes my day. I'm so glad that I met her, and I'm grateful that we are dating. I couldn't ask for anyone better.


Today Chloe didn't seem herself. She didn't sit with us at lunch, or even eat lunch at all. She just.. disappeared. She wore this fuzzy, pink sweater, even though it was screeching hot outside. She kept rolling down her sleeves every five minutes and was quieter than usual.

It kind of worried me, but I decided to talk to her later. I needed to meet up with Angel to show her the surprise I had at my house. I finally saw her walk out of the classroom and caught up with her.

"Hey you," I say sneaking up to her and hugging her from behind. She laughs. "Hello to you to," she replies while kissing me on the cheek. "You ready for your surprise?" I ask her anxiously. "Of course I am!" She exclaims.

We walk hand in hand to the door, and she rides on the back of my bike while I take her to my house. We finally arrive to my house, and I put my bike in the front yard.

"Okay, cover your eyes. And no peeking!" I tell her. She nods her head, smiles, and covers her eyes with her hands. I put my hands over hers just to make sure she wasn't peeking.

I slowly lead Angel to the front door and open it. There stood the cast from Stranger Things. I knew how much Angel loved the show. Yesterday, she told me she was basically obsessed with it, which had made me smile. Millie, Caleb, Sadie, and Gaten. Finn would come later because he was over April's house. I motioned all of them to stay quiet.

"What is it?!" She asks anxiously. "Just a few more steps," I whisper into her ear. "And.. stop," I say. She uncovers her eyes and immediately gasps. She covers her mouth with her hands, and was speechless. They all welcomed her with warming smiles and hugs.

"Oh my God, Noah!" Angel exclaimed. She jumps up and I caught her just in time. She gives me a gigantic hug, and thanks me over and over.

I laugh. "Don't mention it. I know you love the show, and we were all in town at the same time," I say to her. Millie was the first to speak.

Millie sticks out her hand for Angel to shake. "You probably already know my name, but nice to meet you, Angel. Noah talks about you all the time," she replies. Angel shakes her hand and smiles up at me.

"Oh really?" She asked mischievously while raising an eyebrow.

"How can I not talk about you?" I say to Angel, lightly kissing her on the lips. Everyone 'awes' at our moment and we blush from embarrassment.

"Best. Boyfriend. Ever," she replies.

Chloe's POV:

I didn't go home tonight. I didn't want to go home. Noah told me about his little plan to surprise Angel, and I'm not in the mood to even try to put on a fake smile.

I'm so broken that I can't even fake smile anymore. I was sitting at the park bench and decided to go to April's house. I needed to apologize, even if she wanted to forgive me or not.

I was getting really hot in the sweater, but I didn't care. I couldn't let anyone see the cut marks on my wrists. I rode my bike over to April's house and walked up to the front door. I was hesitant to knocking, but then I finally reached out my arm.

I was about to knock on the door until I heard my name being called. I turned around and I saw...


"What a surprise to see you," Cameron says nervously.

What the hell was he doing here?

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