Introduction- Getting to know Angel

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Disclaimer!!: This story contains a little profanity and attempting suicide. Read at your own risk! Also, all the main characters in this story are the same age so pls don't say 'hE's LiKe AlMoSt TwEnTy YeArS oLd'. I KNOW USE UR IMAGINATION PLEASE 💀 *cue spongebob*


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INTRODUCTION (you can skip this part if you want)

        The name's Love. Angel Love. I'm just your average 15 year old girl who wakes up, goes to school, comes home and sleeps. Yep, I have a boring life. You know what's weird? I never actually had a real boyfriend before and most likely never will. It's not that I'm ugly (I think) it's just the boys at my school are mouth breathers and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to even communicate with those idiots. Except Noah of course. He's not an idiot. (;

    The only person I completely trust at that school is my bestfriend Chloe Schnapp. She's the sister of Noah Schnapp whom I secretly have a crush on... I don't really want to tell my bestfriend because she'll most likely freak out, but oh well.

    Yeah, sure millions and billions of girls has a crush on Noah, but I actually know him. We don't really talk to each other unless I'm at their house to hang out with Chloe or at school, when he's actually there. It's kind of sad to be honest because I need to start being bolder. I should start talking to Noah more. Like texting him about something else than some stupid homework assignment...

(A/n: ik ik it's a bad introduction but keep reading because here comes Chapter 1 where interesting stuff actually happens 😂 Have a good day! ❣️❤️)

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