Chapter 13: Bad Girl

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Angel's POV:

Today was the day.

The day April will love us forever.

It was almost the end of the day and Cameron texted me telling me that he was here. I looked at the teacher and raised my hand. She looks up from the book she was reading and rolls her eyes. "Yes, Angel," Mrs. Brown said irritably. "Can I go to the bathroom," I ask politely. Ah, the old bathroom trick, knowing good and well I won't go to the damn bathroom.

"Yeah, hurry up. Class is almost over," she rushes me. I quickly walk out the classroom door and run to the main doors to meet Chloe and Cameron. They were already there.

"Hey Cameron!" I say to him. "Hey, it's great to finally meet you," he winks and sticks out his hand for me to shake it and I do. I stare at him, confused as to why he winked.

"Okay, so class ends in 5 minutes we should start walking now," Chloe suggests. We start walking to April's last period class, and wait outside the door. A few seconds later the bell rang, and people ran out of the classroom like maniacs.

"Stay here, I'm going to get April," I say to them. I walk inside to see April talking to the teacher. She's finishes up the conversation and grabs her book bag.

"Come on, me and Chloe have a surprise for you," I say excitedly. She lightens up and eagerly starts to head out the door. "What is it?!" She asks anxiously. I grab her hand and lead her out the door and there stood Cameron.

He took off his disguise and April stood there in shock. She looked like she was about to faint.

Or cry.

Or throw up.

Or all of the above.

But she then snapped out of it and he pulled her into a hug. Everyone started to stare, me and Chloe heard a few mumbles.

"Oh my God, Loren. That's Cameron Boyce!" A girl named Stacy exclaims. "I know! Are him and April a thing?" Loren replies.

"I have no idea,"


Noah's POV:

Too bad I missed the grand entrance of Cameron Boyce since I had to shoot another scene. Turns out they made plans for me, Angel, Chloe, Finn, April and Cameron to go out to eat. We'll probably get pizza or something.

I had a few hours before we were going out, and I wanted to see Angel. I facetimed her and she answers immediately. "What's up, cutie?" She says while smiling. I start to blush. "Nothing, I just wanted to see you," I say.

"Come over, I'm bored," she replies while yawning. "Alrighty, be there in 10," I say to her. "Ok, love you," she says grinning as she kisses the screen. I chuckle and kiss the screen, also. "Love you too,".

I quickly tell my mom I'm going over a friend's house, not mentioning Angel purposely. I ride my bike over to her house and ring the doorbell. The second she opens the door I pull her into a tight hug, and start kissing her all over her face. She giggles, while trying to pull me off. I finally stop after giving her a peck on the lips.

"I guess somebody missed me," she says while smiling. "Of course I did. I can't kiss you in front of everyone," I say sadly and fake pout.

She grabs my hand and squeezes it. "You will soon," she smiles up at me and kisses me on the cheek. "We have to stay quiet though, my mom is sleeping," she whispers. We go up to her room and watch Netflix until it was time to get ready to go out to eat.

We may have kissed once.

Or three times..

After Angel gets ready, her mom drives me and Angel to the pizza place we were supposed to meet at. "Have a good time!" Angel's mom yells to us.

"We will," Me and Angel say at the same time.

Chloe's POV:

I saw Noah and Angel walk in at the same time. I thought it was suspicious at first, but they told me there was nothing going on. Finn, April and Cameron were already here. We all ordered whatever we wanted, and talked at had a good time. It was obvious Cameron and April were flirting, but I caught him staring at me a few times.

"Excuse me, I have to go to the washroom," Cameron says politely, giving me one last glance. Then my phone buzzes and I get a message from Cameron.

Ugh, what does he want...

I open it and it's a black screen saying 'Meet me in the lobby by the bathrooms'

I send a picture back saying 'For why?'

I get a picture of his hand making a thumbs up sign saying 'You'll see😃'

At first I was hesitant, but decided to go anyways.

"I'll be right back," I whisper to Finn.

I slowly make my way to the lobby to see Cameron sitting on a sofa chair.

"Hey," I say quietly.

He licks his lips, and looks me into the eye. "Hey, you look great," he says. I look down at my normal ripped jeans and a ruffled pink top. "Just the usual," I say looking away.

He gets up and walks closer to me, and starts to whisper into my ear. "You make it look good,"

His breath near my ear sent shivers down my spine. I tried to avoid eye contact with him. Then he lifts my chin to look at him. "You don't want to look me in the eye?" He asks while fake pouting.

I slowly, but surely look into his deep, dark brown eyes, and I immediately get lost into them. I could hear his soft breathing as he started moving closer towards me.

"Don't you like April?" I ask him, obviously trying to avoid him. "Maybe," he says still not breaking eye contact. He leans in closer, and closer, and I don't do anything about it. He stares at my lips and looks back into my eyes.

"I know you want to kiss me," he whispers into my ear. Then he lightly kisses my cheek, then moves down to my neck, giving me light pecks. "W-we shouldn't be doing this," I confess to him.

"I know you don't want me to stop," he replies. He continues to lightly kiss my neck and gives me a hickey. He moves closer to my lips until he finally smashes them into mines. He pushes me up against the wall while kissing me heavily, but slowly.

He was right.

I didn't want him to stop.

So I didn't kiss him back. I just let him kiss me instead.

He stops kissing me and looks down on me. Then he raises an eyebrow without saying anything. He starts to walk away, but I grab him by the arm.

He turns back around, and I immediately kiss him back before thinking. I wrap my arms around his neck while he pushes me against the wall again. Things start to get intense and we start breathing heavier. We quickly move away from each other because we heard footsteps. It was an older lady walking to the bathroom.

Once she walks past, Cameron kisses me forcefully one last time, and gently bites my lip. He winks at me before leaving.

I'd hate to admit it..

But I liked how forceful he was.

And how his bad side got to me.

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