Chapter 42: Friends... For Now

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sorry for not updating sksk😭 but hii ill try to update more


why'd you leave the gc?

honestly i wasn't really feeling it
no one was saying anything that applied to me


yeah it's nothing tho

you sure?


u dont seem so positive to mee

i'm fine noah

well i'm not


bc youre not

noah i'm fine really😭 u dont need to worry about me. thats my job. to worry about me.

no thats my job
just bc we aren't dating anymore doesnt mean we cant still be friends

i dont think we can be friends

why not
what did i do😔

nothing at all i just miss you ig
but youre with heaven
dont hurt her like you did to

were you gonna say like you did to me


angel omg
im so sorry
i really didnt mean to
i never wanted to hurt you
wtf is wrong with me
can i please come over so we can talk this out


but why🥺

i dont want it to lead to something that could get us both in trouble

it wont i promise
i wouldn't do anything if you didnt want me to

but stay quiet
my mom is sleeping

ill be there in 10


Is this a mistake? What am I doing? I really hope I wont be hurting Heaven by doing this. I decided to text her about it just to make sure.

hey heaven

AnGeL hI hehe
what's up

i just wanted to tell you that noah is coming over
and i didnt want you to find out somehow and think that he was doing something he shouldn't be
bc he isn't going to
i'll make sure of that

oh um
i'm not sure i want you guys to be together
in the same place

i know you'll be suspicious
but nothing will happen i promise

what is he coming over for

we just need to talk some things out

and you guys cant do that over the phone?

you have a point..
look i'm serious nothing is going to happen

how do i know that?
see i dont
i don't trust you with him alone

seriously heaven?
we have gotten so close ever since you started dating noah
and now youre saying you dont trust me?

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