Chapter 10: Not Your Type

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Angel's POV:

Me and Noah just stood there. Hugging each other. We didn't speak at all, just hugging and enjoyed the beautiful moment.

I honestly didn't want to let go of him. I've dreamed about dating Noah for I don't know how long, but I never thought it could actually happen.

We start swaying back and forth and he runs his fingers through my hair. It sends shivers down my spine, and I hold him tighter, my heart beating faster than ever.

After a few more seconds, Noah pulls away from the hug, holds my hands, and looks down on me. I look up at him and stare deeply into his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Angel.." he says my name in almost a whisper. I raise my eyebrows as a response because I was still surprised all of this was happening. I couldn't even speak.

"W-will you go out with me?" He asks nervously. I find my eyes wandering all over his face, observing every detail of him and fall in love all over again.

"Of course I will," I whisper.

He grins at me and leans in until our lips made contact. This time he held the kiss longer than usual, it was more intimate. He wraps both of his arms around my waist, and pulls me closer while I lightly place my hands on his cheeks. I felt his cheeks become hotter and hotter because he was blushing. He gently bites my bottom lip and gives me one last peck on the lips before letting go to give me a moment to breathe.

"I've been wanting to do that for a while," Noah replies and chuckles.

"Oh believe me, I've been wanting to do it longer than you have," I giggle.


Me and Noah walked down the hallway with his arm around me. Some people stared curiously, others thought it was just a best friend thing.

Whatever, who cares what they think anyway :)

We talk and laugh while we walk to the cafeteria to meet up with Chloe, Finn and April. We walk up to our usual table to see them already there, staring at us weirdly.

I laugh and turn around. "What are you guys looking at?"

"Nothing," April and Finn reply quickly at the same time.

Chloe gives me a cold stare and raises her eyebrow. She gets up and pulls me aside.

"Why was Noah's arm around you?" She asks sternly. I giggle a little. "That's my bestie Chloe, don't be jealous. You're still my favorite!" I give her a hug, but she doesn't hug me back. "Angel, Noah... isn't the guy you want to fall for. He's not bad he's just.." she doesn't finish her sentence.

"He's just what?" I ask while folding my arms.

She sighs loudly and runs her fingers through her hair. "He's just not your type," she finishes.

"And how do you know what my type is?" I ask her curiously. "Angel, just don't... okay? It's weird to think about my bestfriend and my brother dating," she replies going back to sit down in her chair.

I sit next to Noah and April and eat my lunch silently. Noah eyed me a bit, hinting that something was wrong. But I just decided to tell him later.

"You guys need to find me a man. I'm fifth wheeling over here," April complains while stabbing her fork into the harmless salad.

"Uh, no one at this table is a couple," Finn says and laughs awkwardly.

"Not yet, you mean," she winks.

If Chloe was really my bestfriend she wouldn't care about my relationships..

"Angel, you'll help me right," April says which snaps me out of my thoughts.

"Huh, oh yeah. Of course," I say without thinking. She gives me a side hug. "You're the best babes!" She exclaims.

I continue to eat my food in silence and Noah nudges me and mouths 'You okay?' I mouth back 'I'll tell you later'. He nods his head and we all continue on with our day.


I texted Noah to tell him about what happened between me and Chloe and I change his contact name really quick.

Me: hey cutie 😊
Babez❤️: hey cuter 😘
Me: awnn sweet☺️, now i need to tell you wat Chloe said
Babez❤️: uh oh.. what happened
Me: welllll she saw you had your arm around me and she kinda got upset and said that she didn't want me to date you bc she thought it was weird and stuff. She said u weren't my type, but i didn't tell her that we're.. you know
Babez❤️: dating? 😂lmao you can say it cutie

I blush while reading his text message.

Babez❤️: I bet ur blushing rn !😂😌
Me: i am nottttt!
Babez❤️: are toooooo !
Me: fine I am😅😂
Babez❤️: i knew it! But don't worry about my sister, cutie 💘 we'll figure this out soon
Me: I hope so My Prince💕

(A/n: honestly everytime I typed the word 'will' in here I got so triggered lmaoooo💀 I'm always thinking of stranger things. Like my mindFLAYER was blown away. Ahaaaaa I need more puns, I might start doing references like LEGGO MY EGGO 💀💀i must be stopped. anywhooo enjoy this happy Friday and have a gr8 weekend!💘💕)

~☁️Łïttłę Åñgłê☁️

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