Chapter 17: Ashamed

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April's POV:

It was Sunday. I was curled up in a ball in my bed while listening to sad music. I felt like I could die from depression. My phone buzzed a few times in a row. I didn't want to check it, but I did anyway because it was getting annoying. It was Finn texting 'The Fab 5️⃣' group chat.

Finny👻: hey mouth breathers
Chloe💘: hi mike 🙃
Finny👻: 💀😂 i'm gonna add Angel and Noah in here again
Chloe💘: mk
Finny👻 added Angle!💋 and Noah🤗
Finny👻: welcome back mouth breathers
Angle!💋: lmao hi guys
Noah🤗: Angel did you tell them?
Angle!💋: no...😭
Me: tell us wat
Noah🤗: me and Angel are dating..
Me: thats gr8 guys !
Finny👻: oh mi gawd finally 😮 i ship it
Finny👻: guyz guess wat
Noah🤗: chicken butt
Finny👻: noo💀 im dating someone 🤐
Angle!💋: WHO?!
Chloe💘: meeee🙂
Angle!💋: AHHHHH
Noah🤗: finallyyyy😂
Finny👻: lmaoooo😉
Me: that's amazeballz
Me: you guyz wanna know something else?
Me: i've been betrayed
I decided to change Chloe's name to 'Chloe😐'. I honestly couldn't stand her now because of what she did. I don't even think she apologized.
Chloe😐: ugh
Chloe😐 left the conversation
Finny👻 added Chloe😐
Finny👻: stop freaking leaving guys
Chloe😐: fine
Noah🤗: what happened April
Me: ask Chloe 🤷‍♀️
Angle!💋: should we add Cameron?
Me: no
Chloe😐: no
Angle!💋: y notttt
Me: bc
Angle!💋: call me now

The group chat conversation continued and they were talking about whatever homework they didn't do. I didn't feel like talking to anyone, but if somebody had to be there for me, it would be Angel. I looked for her contact in my phone and press the call button. She answers it immediately.

"So why can't we add Cameron to the group chat?" She asks me. "He likes someone else," I say without mentioning Chloe to prevent me from wanting to cry all over again. "Oh my God, April are you okay?" She asks obviously concerned.

"I could be better, but thanks for asking," I say sadly. "Hey, don't worry about it okay? He wasn't worth it, and if you want me to come over just let me know," she assures me. "Of course... I should get going," I say trying to end the conversation. "Alright babes, bye! Feel better!" She says happily while hanging up.

I put my phone down, exhausted of everything and hear it buzz.

Ugh, who is it now?

I check my phone to see that Finn snapchatted me. I open it and it's a picture of a small tub of ice cream saying 'I'm coming over to make you feel better'.

I sent a picture back with a black screen saying 'How did you know?'. He sends back a picture of him making a silly face with him scrunching his nose, closing his eyes, and smiling with his hair sticking straight up saying 'bc I'm a wizard'. He actually made me laugh.

About 20 minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring. "I'll get it!" I yell.

No response.

My brother is out with friends, my dad's at work, and my mom is probably asleep.

I go downstairs and unlock the door to see him holding the small bucket of ice cream. He holds it out for me to grab.

"For you," he says. I grab the ice cream and smile. "Come in," I urge him. He scratches his head and walks inside.

"So, we're bestest best friends now and you can tell me anything," he says while smiling at me. I giggle lightly. "Thank you so much, Finn," I say to him.

"Of course, bestie," he replies.

Chloe's POV:

Everyone didn't seem surprised that me and Finn were dating. I know me and Cameron had a thing going on, but that was before Finn asked me out. Besides, Finn just asked me out of the blue, I wasn't going to say no.

No one's really heard from Cameron since April caught us kissing. I'm just glad she didn't tell anyone because I feel so bad about what I've done.

I wanted to see Finn just so he would make me feel better. I didn't tell him about what happened either, it would for the best anyways. I called him and he answered.

"Hey baby. What's up?" He asks sweetly. "Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you," I say while rolling over onto my belly. "Can I call you when I get home? I'm at April's house," he replies to me. I roll my eyes and get upset.

"Why are you at her house?" I ask him curiously. He started whispering over the phone as if he didn't want someone to hear him. "I heard Cam likes someone else. We don't know who, but I decided to come over and make her feel better," he says.

"Oh," was all I could say. At least no one knew about me and Cameron. "You can come over, too," he offers me.

"N0, no. I'm good," I said a little too quickly. Finn chuckles over the phone. "A little too excited there, I see," he says. I fake a laugh. "Not at all," I reply to him.

"Well, I'll leave you be," I say getting ready to hang up. "Okay, I wuvs you," he says playfully. I crack a smile. "Wuvs you too," I say, mimicking his high-pitched voice.

I hang up and throw my phone across my bed. I wanted to throw it on the floor, but I didn't want it to shatter. I break out into a silent, inaudible cry.

It was wrong of me to be mad at April, but I couldn't help it.

She was spending time with my boyfriend.

What if she's trying to get revenge..

What if she kisses him like I kissed Cameron.

But then again I stole Cameron from her.... I think.

I don't even know if Cameron liked her in the first place.

I'm still ashamed at what I did..

I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want her kissing all over Finn, but I couldn't do anything about it unless I wanted Finn to find out what happened.

I go to the bathroom and just stare at myself in the mirror. I looked at my watch.

1:19 a.m.

I grabbed one of my blades and just stared at it. Then I looked back up into the mirror.

I'll be leaving this world soon..

I cut my wrist slightly with the blade and cry out in pain. I watch the blood drip down my arm as I cried even more.

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