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I'm Right Here With You (A Coinpin fanfic) by Doodlesplosion
I'm Right Here With You (A Doodle
Dream Island Academy, the school for anyone who wants to achieve great things, from learning about their magic powers to basic things like math it really is a school for...
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Highschool crush (Bfb TreexPen fanfic) by star-psd
Highschool crush (Bfb TreexPen Tranz RIGHTZ BABEY
Tree has moved to this completely new school from a completely different country ; he was an outcast Pen has been at that place for all of highschool What happens when t...
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BFB shipping opinions by waffles_at_noon
BFB shipping opinionsby Squaffle
So I decided to do one of these things, I have some unpopular opinions so prepare for that lmao
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Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker (BFDI sci-fi au) by elderthing107
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker ( elderthing107
In a twisted alternate universe, the BFDI contestants are no longer colorful individuals living freely in an island, simply participating in a weird game show full of za...
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'it gets better..?' -4x by LillyRoseAlford
'it gets better..?' -4xby o(〃^▽^〃)o
Hi! This is my very first fan fiction so please be nice! QwQ I will try to make chapters every week, sometimes day xd. I would like to add a few warnings..! -This story...
4x smutshots by IntrovertedNumbers
4x smutshotsby Babie?
im going to fucking die The title is a bit of a lie,,,it's mostly X4 lmao.
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Fear Garden (A IDFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Fear Garden (A IDFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
Reoccurring nightmares. A murderous plan that just won't go away. You think owning a garden is hard? Honey please, this is only the beginning. - A few years after moving...
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I can't Love you by foreverloveforyou
I can't Love youby Lovethisxd
When belle has a one night stand with her best friends brother, Why can't They stay away from each other? *mature content starts at chapter 4
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The New Girl (BFB/Object Highschool AU) by LightbotTheShipper
The New Girl (BFB/Object 💛Lightbot💛
Fanny is a new student at Object High. she is sent to the BFB sector of the 4 show highschool. BFB was on the top floor.. Plot spoiler: Fanny is placed into a new school...
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I'm right next door by tinyLilpanda
I'm right next doorby Lillie
Pin's dad was arrested when she was 9 for a DUI. And Pin was in the car with her younger brother. She moves in with her aunt, Years pass and her anxiety has gotten bette...
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Battle for Dream Island Yet Again | BFDI Novelization by KiiraStarr_
Battle for Dream Island Yet ☆ Kiira ¤
45 characters go once again for another season of Battle for Dream Island as they strive in a lot of challenging trials of contests that takes their competition to the n...
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damien the irresistible by gagmebabes
damien the irresistibleby q. ya fav erotica writer
[nsfw content: sexual situations.] "You swear up and down you hate me, that I'm an asshole, and this other shit but then. . . then I touch you, and you just can't r...
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Promise Me by JustBelle1
Promise Meby Just call me Belle
When the stakes are high and the waters rough do you give everything up for love? Or do you sit back and let love pass you by? A story between a confident, witty girl a...
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One Shots! by Kitstenk
One Shots!by Litstenk Applesauce
Arbitrary one shot book! I suggest starting with the ones that don't have ship names in the title, those are the better ones :) My imagination is a wild one, and so not...
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Supernova (A BFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
A celebration in dedication for the Battle for BFDI being on air for a year is exactly what the objects needed. The EXIT-ORS, The Hosts, and The Teams gather around for...
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the bfb war by Austin_414
the bfb warby The real yellow face
a war has broke out and its every object for themselve
My Best Friend's Brother by hurricanelinny
My Best Friend's Brotherby linny
"Wait, Lacie, you like me?" Mason said laughing at me. "NO!" I screamed and tried pulling away from him "Oh yes you do look at your face!&quo...
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BFB Crack Book: The Not As Cool Sequel by Lyiinx
BFB Crack Book: The Not As Cool Kit / Crystalline !
All good things come to an end. It's a good thing this book series is anything but that.
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BFB Crack Book by Lyiinx
BFB Crack Bookby Kit / Crystalline !
¡ SEQUEL OUT NOW ! Okay so I want to have a book for my Object fans followers that I can update semi regularly on for them, because as you know by now, I don't have a ve...
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BFB but on crack by https-honei
BFB but on crackby tree fucker
A Crack Book About Walking Objects I Like Also, the characters in this story are going to be the same version as they are in my Groupchat Story.If you see someone acting...
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