Chapter 28: All My Fault

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Noah's POV:

"Angel? Angel! Stay with me, please!" I begged her as she struggled to open her eyes, using all the strength she had left in her body. Hot tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't pull it together. I loved her so much, and I wanted her to be okay. If I had just gave her my phone then this wouldn't have happened.

I started smothering her face with kisses, pecking all over. "Angel.." my voice trembled. Her eyes finally fluttered open. I could see the weakness in her eyes, tears and blood were dripping down from her face.

"Noah..." she said in a whisper with her voice hoarse. "Shh. Don't talk, just stay with me," I said softly, while caressing her blood-stained face.

She nodded her head and placed her hand on mine. "Angel, I'm so sorry-" I said to her. She smiled in response. I was glad to see her smile again in such a tragic situation, considering what we had gone through.

"-and I love you," I finished off. "I-I love you t-too, baby," she struggled to say. I heard the sounds of the ambulance nearby, indicating that they were almost here.

"You're gonna make it, you're gonna make it," I said over and over, not sure if I was reminding her or myself. She fluttered her eyes again, but maintained to keep them open.

"I-I guess I'm going to the h-hospital again," she said while giggling. She quickly stopped laughing and hissed in pain quietly, as if it hurt to laugh.

"And it'll be all my fault. Again," I replied shamefully. She shook her head, disagreeing with me before coming close to being unconscious.

"N-no. It's not you're fault," she said faintly as the paramedics came to take her away. Tears continued to fall down my face. I couldn't go in the vehicle with her. I wasn't with my mom, or my friends, I was alone.

All alone.

***2 Hours Earlier***

Angel's POV:

I was in the family room, laying on the couch, and flipping through the channels. Boredom was overtaking me. Nothing interesting was on, so I turned on Netflix. I wanted to watch 13 Reasons Why, but after everything that happened with Chloe, I didn't think it was such a good idea to watch that as of right now.

I ended up turning the tv off and just scrolled through Instagram. I liked a few of Finn's and Noah's posts. I saw a post of Noah's that I didn't even see before, he must've just posted it today. I decided to like it and comment.

noahschnapp: Walks to the dock were the best ❤️ @itzzangell_o

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noahschnapp: Walks to the dock were the best ❤️ @itzzangell_o

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