Chapter 16: La Devotee

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Chloe's POV:

I sat up and got off of Cameron. I saw something from the corner of my eye and I immediately dash my eyes towards the door and notice that it's not closed all the way.

Cameron sits up and glares at me curiously, not knowing what was wrong. "Cameron.. I think someone is watching us," I say in a whisper. Cameron puts a finger to his lips, motioning me to stay quiet. He slowly makes his way to the door. He bursts the door wide open, and I gasp to see who was there.

It was April.

She looked like a hot mess. She was wearing a baggy shirt and jogging pants, her hair was in a messy bun, her mascara was smudged around her eyes, her face was red all over. And her eyes.. her eyes were bloodshot red.

You could tell she's been crying. I felt so bad. Actually, I felt awful. I broke my friend. I completely broke her down.

Cameron stood there, not saying a word while looking at his feet, ashamed. April just stares at us back and forth, getting more upset by the minute. No one could say anything, we all were silent. More tears escape from April's eyes and she turns around to leave. I was on the verge of tears, knowing that she would never forgive me.

"A-April wait!" I cry out grabbing her arm. She shoves my hand off of her forcefully and runs away. I watch her run down the hallway until she was completely out of sight. I tell Cameron that I think it's time for me to go so, I grab my bag and leave. I check my phone to see that I got 5 calls from Angel.

I didn't feel like talking, but I'm pretty sure she has something important to say if she called me 5 times. I hesitantly call her back and she immediately answers. "Chloe! Where the hell are you?" She asks me, surprised that I called back.

"Oh, I uh, just went out for a walk," I lie to her. "Well, hurry back. I'm at your house and need to tell you something," she replies. "Fine, see you later," I say. I hang up before she gets the chance to say goodbye because I was nearly in tears.

I make my way out of the hotel and ride my way back to my house, crying the whole way there. I fix my hair and look at myself in my camera to make sure it wasn't noticeable that I was crying.

I put my bike back inside the garage and go up to my room, but Angel wasn't there. I heard music playing in Noah's room, so I went there. They were standing closing in front of each other, dancing and laughing, and on their phones blasting 'La Devotee', the video that Noah was in. (Vid on top). (A/n: that was the old, smol bean, Noah. He grows up so fast 😭)

"Angel?" I call out. They both look up in unison, still laughing. Noah turns off the music and they go sit on the bed. Angel motions me to sit down next to her. I gradually made my way towards the bed.

"Okay, before you get mad—" she tries to respond, but I cut her off. "Get to the point, I'm probably going to get mad anyway," I snap. Both her and Noah looks at me, surprised at how I'm reacting.

But I couldn't hold my anger inside. I hated myself for everything I did. Now she has to tell me something that might upset me even more.

And I don't know how well I will take it.

"Chloe, calm down," Noah says to me. "I am calm," I say quietly, in almost a whisper. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, but then Angel speaks up.

"Well anyways, we wanted to tell you that..." she starts out easily. Noah grabs her hand, and their fingers intertwine with each other. He gives her a half smile and she does the same. "Me and Noah are.. dating," she finishes.

I didn't know what to do, or what to feel. I was angry at her for lying to me. I was also angry at Noah for hiding this from me.

He's my fucking twin for God's sake!

I stare at them bluntly, and Angel raises her eyebrows, waiting for my response. Then they look at each other, completely confused.

I was angry at everyone and everything, including myself. I didn't respond, I just left the room. I ran to my room, closed the door and locked it.

I went into my bathroom, and let out all of the tears I had left inside of me.

April's POV:

I was literally crying for about 15 minutes. I was hyperventilating and everything. I thought I was having a panic attack. I was rocking back and forth, and finally had calmed down. I sat on my bed and just listened to depressing music, but then I realized something..

This is what true heart break feels like. Actually... this is what true betrayal feels like.

I wouldn't think that Chloe would ever do something like that to me. She even helped surprise me with him coming here to visit me! It was probably part of her little plan. She wanted Cameron to be here, just so that they could see each other.

Cameron coming here was probably never about me in the first place. I wish he never responded to my message. I wish I wasn't a famous youtuber. I wish that I never even sent that text.

Then none of this shit would've happened to me..

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