Chapter 1: Miss Me?

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Angel's POV:

"Angel wake up! You're going to be late!" My mom yells from outside my door. I get up eventually, but I roll and end up falling off my bed.

"Ow.. Mom why do I even have to go to school?" I ask while getting off of the floor. She opens my door with a granola bar in her hand and places it into mine.

"So you can have a great education dear," she says sweetly. "Now hurry and get dressed, you have to catch the bus today," she closes the door and I groan. I grab something cute to wear just in case I see Noah today. Chloe told me that he's supposed to be back this week, so let's hope it's true.

I decided to wear a white Adidas sweatshirt with light jeans and white converse (pic on top). I put on a little mascara and some lip gloss. I brush my chestnut, medium-length hair and leave it down. Then I take a look in the mirror.

My hair still looks messy, but who cares?

I take a picture and grab my purse, bookbag and the granola bar and start to walk out the door.

*Honk, honk*

"That's my cue, Mom. Gotta go!" I say rushing to the door. My mom walks towards me and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Have a good day sweetie," she says. "Thanks Mommy Dearest," I say. We both laugh as I start to walk out of the door. She used to hate when I called her that, but now all she does is laugh.

I get on the bus and immediately look for Chloe, but I don't see her.

She must not be taking the bus today...

I sit in a seat closer to the front by myself and pull out my phone to text Chloe.
Me: Hey u not taking the bus today?? 😕
Chloe🤞🏽❣️: Oops, sry i forgot to tell you lolzz but have fun on the bus without me 😭
Me: It's remotely impossible to "have fun" on a bus full of mouth breathers🤦🏽‍♀️
Chloe🤞🏽❣️: oh God 😂😂 ill ttyl at school
Me: k byeeeeee bestieee
Chloe🤞🏽❣️: byez !
We finally arrive at school. I get off the bus and go to me and Chloe's usual meeting spot, which is her locker. Chloe's already there waiting for me but then I stop in my tracks because I see Noah standing next to her. I walk up to them nervously, but tried to keep a mission to play it cool.

I'm pretty sure I ultimately failed that mission.

"Hey Chloe!" I say. "Whassaaapp Angel," I laugh and turn to Noah.

"Noah you're back from the dead!" I say a little too excitedly. Fortunately, he laughed at my lame joke.

"Ah, yes I am. And I'm guessing you've been watching Stranger Things while I was away?" He asks with a smirk on his face.

"Of course I have. I rewatched it too many times to count," I say.

Shit.. he might think I'm weird.

"I'm glad to hear that you're a fan, Little Angle," he laughs.

Little Angle is a nickname I used to have when me and Chloe were younger. Neither Chloe or Noah knew how to spell my name and would always spell it "Angle". So it just naturally became a nickname even though it's longer than my real name. (A/n: lol 😂 Little Angle is my actual "nickname")

Noah comes over to me and gives me a long hug. I felt so excited and happy that I didn't want to let go.

"I missed your crazy self," Noah says.

"I missed you too Chicken Nugget" I say while giggling. Then Chloe interrupts the beautifulllll moment.

"Ahh a group hug? I have to join in," Chloe comes in close and we all get into a group hug then we let go. Chloe goes to her locker and rambles on about how she was about to take Noah's room. While Chloe was talking, Noah whispers into my ear saying..

"I missed you more than you think I did,"

(A/n: Hi you lovely people 🤗 i really hope you enjoyed this chapter and it may be a bit short, but kind of fun and fun to make. Don't forget to vote and I'll probably do puns in every chapter so "DUSTIN" case I do, be prepared! (Hehehe get wat I did there? Lolzz) but anyway I hope you guys have a good night! Bye loves ❤️)
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