Chapter 24: New Neighbor

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Noah's POV:

I had finally told my parents about me and Angel. They were happy for me, but worried about Chloe.

"Are you sure Chloe is okay with this? You, dating her best friend?" My mom asked. "I mean, she wasn't happy at first..." I started off slowly. I stopped to think about what I would say next. "I'm not sure how she feels now, but it seems like it's not a problem," I finished.

Both of my parents sighed in unison. I stood up in anger. "Why should it even matter what Chloe thinks?" I asked. My dad stands up and places his hands on my shoulders. I tensed up a bit, then I relaxed.

"After everything, we can't have her being sad and suicidal again," he replies. I look down to the floor and nod while understanding. My dad pats my back and messes with my hair. "I'm still proud of you kid. My son's in love," he jokes. I roll my eyes playfully and look back up.

I half smile and look at my dad. "I-I guess I am," I replied shakily. My mom 'awes' and I laugh in embarrassment.

"Well don't be rude. Invite her over," My mom insisted. I chuckled lightly. "For why?"

"I mean, don't you want to see your girlfriend?" She asks. "Of course I do, but you guys are going to bother us all night," I said while laughing and walked upstairs.

"Just invite her over, Schnapp. You know you want to," my dad yells playfully to me before I closed my door. I silently chuckle and call Angel. She answers after the third ring.

"Hey cutie," I said to her. "Hi you," she happily. I could tell she was smiling with that beautiful smile of hers. "Awe, you think my smile is beautiful?" She asks sweetly.

"Wait-what?" I asked, highly confused. She giggled. "I think you just thought out loud," she answered. I slapped my forehead and laughed.

"But thanks, cutie," she replies. "Of course. Can you come over?" I asked her while running my fingers through my hair.

"Let me ask my mom first," she talks to her mom in the distance and I wait for her response. "I'll be there in 10," she said after a few seconds. I grinned and nodded my head then replied "Okay,".

For about 5 minutes I scrolled through instagram until I heard the doorbell ring.

She's here already?

I jetted down the stairs and tried to casually walk towards the tall, glossy, wooden door. I opened the door, but it wasn't Angel. It was someone else.

It was a girl I didn't know. She sort of looked similar to Angel, except she was taller than Angel. She had a pair of dark brown eyes, and long, dirty blonde hair worn in a high ponytail.

"H-hi. I'm Heaven. I'm your new neighbor," she said nervously, holding out her hand for me to shake. I quickly shake it and smile.

"I'm Noah," I said to her. "Noah.. Schnapp right?" She asked. "That's me," I said while grinning. Her mom came up behind her. Her mom smiled and shook my hand also. "Hello, I'm Stacy," the lady replied. "My sister's going to freak when she finds out we live next to you," Heaven said while laughing. I chuckled.

"I would love to meet a fan. How old are you?" I asked her. "Oh, I'm fifteen. And so is my sister," She responded.

"Honey, is that Angel at the door?" My mom asked me, yelling from the kitchen. "No, it's our new neighbors!" I yelled back.

My mom and dad made their way towards the door and greeted them. "Heaven, sweetie, go get your sister," Stacy said.

Heaven walked off of our porch, and into their home. I saw Angel walking up to me with a confused face while watching Heaven walk away.

"New neighbor," I said plainly. She nodded while smiling. "I missed you," I said to her. Angel smiles and blushes. She comes up towards me and gives me a hug. "I missed you too," she replied to me. I kissed her forehead and we walked inside my house.

Me, my parents, and Angel got to know my neighbors better. I took a few pictures with Heaven and her sister Jordan. After a while they left to finish unpacking. Angel and I were cuddling in my room while watching Mulan. I wasn't even watching the movie, I was watching Angel slowly fall asleep while I was playing with her hair.

She abruptly woke up and shifted in my arms. Angel quickly sat up, kissed me on the lips and laid back down on my chest.

"I love youuuu," she sang to me sleepily. She yawned and giggled. I laughed and held onto her tighter.

"I love you, too," I replied happily. Shortly, we both fell asleep in each others arms while the movie was still playing.

(A/n: guyssss the WHEELer on my bike fell off. 💀💀jp i only said that cuz i needed a pun😂 But enjoy that kinda short chapter. It was uneventful but still lmao. Chloe and Cam r coming in the next chapter😘 bye lovez ❤️ Happy Easter 🥚🐣🐰💕!!)

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