Chapter 38: Baby Steps

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Angel's POV:

I woke up to the sounds of light knocking on a door. I rubbed my eyes and sat up as the bright sun shined through the windows and onto my face. My eyes were puffy, and I could barely see anything since I cried myself to sleep. The knocking continued and soon enough I mumbled "Come in,".

The door creaked open and a brunette nurse walked in with a clipboard in her hand. "Good morning!" she said happily. "Morning," I mumbled sleepily.

"Did I wake you?"

"No," I lied. "What time is it?" I asked.

"10:43 a.m."

"Oh," I replied. The room went silent as she poured a cup of water and handed it to me. I grabbed it and took a sip.

"Okay. How are you feeling?" she asked me. "I'm peachy," I lied again. She gave me a look and I immediately felt guilty for lying to her. "Actually, I feel awful,"

"Why is that? Any pain anywhere?"

"No, not physically. Like mentally I feel awful. Things will never be the same again for me and my friends," I looked down at the cup of water and traced circles on it. The nurse placed down the clipboard and sat next to me. "Do you wanna talk about it?" she asked sincerely.

"My boyfriend, well not anymore.. he broke up with me yesterday," I said quietly. The nurse immediately pulled me into a hug. "I feel you. It'll be okay soon, he doesn't deserve such a beautiful human being like you if he thought the best decision was to break up." she brushed a hair out of my eye and looked at me.

"Boys can be dumb sometimes, we just have to accept it. Don't be too down on yourself okay?" she said to me. I nodded my head and took another sip of my water. She got up and wrote something down on that ugly little brown clipboard of hers.

"Well, I have some great news for you that will hopefully cheer you up!" she said excitedly. I looked up and urged her to continue. "You get to leave this smelly place in a week! I discussed everything with your mother and you'll have to go to physical therapy. You'll also be on crutches for about a month," she told me. My face lit up a bit.

"This is the best news I've heard so far," I told her. She giggled.

"When do I have to go to therapy?" I asked.

"The minute you get out of here. Once you get there, they'll make you do small exercises and stretches to help strengthen your legs," she told me. "Will I be able to walk again?" I asked sadly.

"As long as you go to therapy, you'll be walking normal in no time sweetie. Baby steps first though," she said cheekily. I sighed a breath of relief and laid back. Things were finally turning out okay.

Except the fact that I lost the person I loved the most.

I sighed again as I watched the nurse prance out of the room. I waited until she left just so she wouldn't see that tear that had quickly escaped my eye.

Narrators POV:

Noah didn't know when would be the next time he could see Angel. She hasn't been responding to his texts. He knows that he broke up with her, but he didn't want Angel to be completely left out of his life. He still loved her deeply, but refused to let himself hurt her again.

The boy slowly grabbed his phone off of the nightstand. He didn't get any sleep last night because he couldn't get Angel off of his mind. Noah searched for her contact and called her. There was no answer so he decided to leave a voicemail.

"hey i know that i'm probably the last person you want to hear from. i don't know when you'll
hear this, but just listen please? i know you're probably mad at me and i'm sorry. i just don't
want to hurt you anymore."

The boy sniffed as he felt hot tears streaming down his face.

"i'm the reason you fell out of that tree. i'm the reason you got hit
by that car. and i'm the reason you have been feeling down. all because of me.
i never really explained why i broke up with you. i did it because-"

your time for your voicemail has ended.

More tears formed at the corners of his eyes knowing that he definitely still had feelings for Angel, but wasn't sure if she felt the same way.

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