BGM - Ruby Red

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(Hers is about Luke)
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You had never felt so alive.

"Y/N," Calum pulled back and panted into the top of your head, trying to maneuver you both around in the small bathroom stall. "Baby this isn't working well."

You grinned and looked at the red marks you'd left smeared all over his neck and face, "I dunno, looks like it's going pretty well to me." You pushed yourself up and caught Calum's mouth in another messy kiss. The two of you really shouldn't have been making out in a club bathroom during his birthday party, but you were only young once, and there was something about it that was particularly exhilarating.

"They're going to be wondering where we are," he groaned as you trailed your lips up his neck, leaving more streaks of red.

"Hmmm, they'll understand. It's your birthday baby," you mouthed over his sweet spot, "don't you want your present?" You looked up at him through your eyelashes and smiled innocently. Your gift to him of course was anything but innocent. You were wearing it actually, a new set of red lingerie that you'd seen Calum staring at on the mannequin the last time you took him with you to the mall.

His eyes darkened, "will I be able to fully appreciate my present in a nasty little bathroom?" His hands wandered down your sides over your hips to rest on your ass.

"Hmmm, maybe just a peek then," you grinned as you gently moved the strap of your dress on your shoulder over, just enough that Calum saw the lacy red strap of your new bra.

He sharply inhaled and wrapped an arm around your waist, using his free hand to fumble with the lock.

"What are you doing Cal?" You frowned. He couldn't leave the bathroom yet, there was lipstick all over him.

"We're going," he pulled the door open and started to lead you toward the door of the club.

"HEY CAL!" You heard Ashton call from the bar.

Calum turned around and corrected himself, "we're saying goodbye to Ashton and then we're leaving." You didn't miss the way he discreetly readjusted the front of his pants on the walk over and had to suppress a laugh.

Instead you raised a hand and stared to wipe away the excess lipstick on your face, trying to make it look less like you just had a quickie in the club. It was dark, and by the time you reached Ashton you figured you'd gotten a fair amount off. At least it wouldn't look obvious on you.

Calum was another story. Ashton clearly noticed right away by the smirk that spread across his face and the glance he shot at you. You looked away innocently of course.

"Having a good time I see," Ashton chuckled as he stood up to give his friend a hug.

"Uh... yeah?" Calum was clearly puzzled by his comment, and he looked back at you. You shrugged and struggled to keep a straight face.

"THEEERE'SSS THE BIRTHHHDAY BOYYYY," you heard Michael slur. Everyone looked over to see Luke helping him stumble your way.

You knew that this conversation wouldn't end well. Michael wasn't subtle sober.

Sure enough, when he got close enough to see he let out some obnoxiously loud laughter and pointed a shaky finger at your boyfriend's neck.

"Callll, did you have seeeex in the baaathrooom?" He giggled and his head lolled back to look at a bemused Luke, "I thoughhhht he was consssstipated or somethhhhing."

"Shhhh," Luke shook his head to quiet him.

Now Calum was glaring at you and you knew that you were in for it when you got back to your place.

"Happy birthday baby?" You tried, giving him an innocent smile.

Luke snorted but when Calum glared at him he shut up fast.

"I assume we'll see the two of you tomorrow then?" Ashton still had that knowing smirk even as he was helping you leave.

"Maybe," Calum raised his eyebrows and squeezed your hip, "late tomorrow."

"Well okay then," Luke tried to hide his laughter with a cough and Michael let out a loud burp.

"See you guys later," you waved as Calum started to lead you away.

"Bye Y/N, happy birthday Cal!" Ashton replied as Luke tried to catch Michael before he fell completely to the ground.

Calum didn't speak again until you were outside, "why didn't you tell me there was makeup all over me?" His eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Well I tried, but you were so set on leaving, plus," you reached up and wiped a smear from his neck onto your finger. You held it up for him to see, "we're matching now."

His teeth clenched and you knew he was fighting to keep himself composed. He pulled you closer and leaned over so his lips were right next to your ear, "you better know I will pay back all of this teasing tenfold."

"I was counting on it actually," you giggled and turned to press a kiss to his cheek, "now, where'd we park?"

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