DDM - Tag-along

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You adored your father. He was your idol, your protector, and your friend. But he was also gone an awful lot. Between tours, studio time, and interviews he could be gone from before you got up to after you went to bed and that was while he was even in the country. That meant that when he was home, you were always stuck to his side, tagging along.

As soon as you heard the door open you were up from your breakfast and sprinting toward the door. You knew who it was, you had been waiting, "DADDYYYYYYYY!" You screamed as you rounded the corner.

A tired Calums face lit up when he saw his little girl running for him, as fast as her little legs could carry her. He dropped his bag and knelt down, opening his arms wide so that you could run into them.

You giggled and hugged him tightly, resting your head on his shoulder, "I missed you daddy."

"I was only gone for an hour squirt, just had to pick some stuff up from Uncle Luke before going to the studio," he chuckled but returned the hug as tightly as he could without causing you discomfort.

"Studio?" You pulled back and looked at your father questioningly.

He smiled knowingly, bright brown eyes twinkling down with a paternal affection reserved only for you. "Yes, I have to go record some vocals with Uncle Michael."

You bounced up and down, still half hugging him as the inevitable request was ripped from your lips, "take me with you! I wanna go! Don't leave me Daddy."

Calum chuckled again as he stood. You watched as he grabbed the bag he had and slung it over his shoulder before reaching down and picking you up, holding you on his other hip. "I wouldn't dream of leaving you," he promised.

You nodded in agreement, liking that answer as Calum carried you out to the car. He opened the back door with the hand that wasn't carrying you, and carefully lowered you into your car seat, making sure not to bump your head on the roof.

When you were inside, he leaned in to buckle you in place, you watched happily while blabbering about your latest adventures in Elementary school, including your new boyfriend Dave.

Calum's eyebrows raised at that and he paused for a moment before backing up, "Dave huh? Your first boyfriend?"

"Second actually. But you were gone when Andrew was my boyfriend," you shrugged.

Calum snorted at that, "I wonder why your mother didn't tell me that little tidbit."

"I dunno Daddy," you shook your head.

He smiled at your innocence before looking at you seriously, "you tell me if Dave, Andrew, or anyone else you date doesn't treat you right, understand?"

"Yes Daddy I understand," you agreed right away, "but he's really nice! He gave me his cookie at lunch on Friday!"

"How chivalrous," Calum glanced down at his phone screen and then looked at you slightly panicky, "we gotta get moving squirt!"

He shut your door before you could as what "chivalrous" meant, and quickly climbed in the front. The radio turned on with the car and the two of you jammed out to The Wiggles on the way there.

When you arrived at the studio Calum unbuckled you with one hand, grabbed his bag with the other and then scooped you up again. You held onto him tightly as he ran for the door, it was a rather bumpy ride earning a giggle, "uhhhhHhHHhHhHHhHhHhHhh."

When Calum got in, he slowed down, smiling at the secretary and coolly walking past her desk before again sprinting down the hallway to the recording area.

"Calum! You're late!" One of the producers complained as he rushed in the control room.

"Sorry, my daughter has a boyfriend now and it slowed me down," he smiled apologetically, before dropping the bag and handing you over to Michael who was trying not to laugh.

"His name is Dave!" You chirped happily.

That earned an, "awwwww," from all of the people in the room, successfully distracting them as Calum ran back out and into the booth.

As the audio engineers, and producers began to work with him, Michael turned to you. "Dave huh? What happened to Andrew."

"He said he liked Millie so I broke up with him," you said.

Michael laughed and shook his head before placing you down on one of the comfy chairs and handing you a coloring book that was always kept around for you. "Tell me if I need to go talk to any of these boys Y/N," Michael said as he handed you the crayons.

"I will!" You said as you took them and turned to the last picture you were working on. It was a bass guitar, just like the one your Daddy played.

Getting back to work, you began again coloring it in, glancing up occasionally to watch Calum sing in the booth.

You loved tagging along.

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