BGM - A Long Story pt2

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AU pt2 (ending)

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"Seems like it all worked out," Rob typed a few sentences on his laptop.

"That it did, but it wasn't all smooth sailing," Calum leaned back in his chair and looked at the food spread out thoughtfully, "we almost didn't make it this far."

"Really? What happened?" Rob looked up eagerly.



" was pretty smooth sailing until the end of the school year."


You were halfway on Calum's lap, resting your head on his shoulder while rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy for the millionth time. The house was dark and quiet quiet except for the soft glow and noise of the TV. It was your customary date night, the second Friday of the month when David was always out at his monthly poker game, and Joy and Mali went to bond. The Hood house was always full of snacks and warm and private.

You yawned and pushed yourself further onto Calum's lap. He chuckled into your ear and pulled you over until you were straddling him proper, "you're distracting me," he hummed into your ear.

"From what? The movie that you can practically quote line for line?" You snorted and pulled back so that you could look at his handsome face.

"Yes, actually this is my favorite part," he raised an eyebrow and used a hand to guide your head down so he could hook his chin over your shoulder and watch while holding you.

"You're such a geek Hood," you teased.

"And you're a nerd, what's your point?" He stuck his tongue out at you, even though you couldn't see.

"Touché," you yawned again and practically fell asleep in his warm grip.

It all came crashing down when the credits rolled and Calum stood up, taking you with him, "I'm going to miss this," he said quietly into your ear as he began to carry you up to his bedroom for a nap.

"Miss what?" You slurred, too tired to properly understand what he was saying.

"In a few months I'll be at college and you'll be here and we can skype and text but I can't hold you like this through the internet," he sighed and pulled you just a little bit closer.

That admission had you wide awake and chewing your lip. Calum going away to college and leaving you had you even more upset than him. Probably because you felt extremely guilty. Guilty that Calum, the star soccer player, was about to be tethered down to a younger nerdy girlfriend hundreds of miles away. There was no way it would last. Even though you knew he loved you, and you loved him just as much, you didn't think there was any way in Hell that your impending experiment in long distance relationships would end positively. You'd just end up preventing him from fully experiencing college by pulling him away, and there'd be time differences. And of course, way prettier, smarter, nicer, better, older girls.

You'd have to end it, but how?


"She tried to break up with you?" Rob was leaning across the table, notes forgotten as he carefully listened to every word coming out of Calum's mouth.

"No. Well yes, but not then," Calum frowned, "it was later, when I was ready to leave for university and I came to say goodbye to her."


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