BGM - He's Jealous Of Your Best Friend

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"BYE BABE!" You slid your sunglasses from where they were perched on top of your head down to cover your eyes as you pulled the front door open. You were finally getting to hang out with Y/BFF/N and talk about his girl problems. You were looking forward to the unhealthy food and laughter that always appeared when you hung out at his place.

"NOOOOO!" Calum came sprinting down the stairs. You watched in confusion, and then horror as he ran right for you, wrapping his arms around your waist and then heaving you over his shoulder.

"WHAT THE HELL CALUM?!" You yelled angrily as he closed the door and started carrying you further inside.

"No leaving," he insisted, wrapping both arms around your legs that were hanging over his chest so that you didn't slide down his back.

"Yes leaving! I have to go see Y/BFF/N!" You whined, trying to kick and wriggle your way out of his hold.

Calum grunted in response, hiking you up further on his shoulder and turning the corner into the living room.

"NOOO!" You pounded against his firm back but it was too late.

He let go of you and leaned down so that your back landed on the cushions of the couch. Before you had time to get up or move at all he was on top of you, keeping you in place with his large frame.

"CALUM! LET ME GO!" You demanded, looking at him angrily.

Calum moved down further, tucking your arms against your sides and pushing your legs together with his own. He blanketed your body so that you could hardly move. When he was satisfied and you were all but paralyzed his nose came up and bumped against yours.

Calum's warm brown eyes looked at you with affection, "stay with me."

"Calum," you sighed, "I already told Y/BFF/N-"

As soon as you started saying your best friend's name your boyfriend's eyes darkened. Calum silenced you with a firm kiss. His head dipped down and his lips immediately captured yours, swallowing any more of your words into his open mouth.

Now you were irritated, but not so irritated that you couldn't get sucked into your boyfriends amazing kissing skills. You even opened your mouth so that Calum could delve inside.

As soon as you realized that you wanted to pull at his brown curls, but couldn't because you were restrained, you pulled back again.

"No, no more kissing," you said defiantly, "leaving."

"No, no more leaving," Calum mocked you. His face chased yours and you had nowhere to go. His lips were nearly back on top of yours when he spoke, "kissing."

"Calum what's your problem? I always go to see Y/BFF/N," you sighed and refrained from any more makeout sessions.

He groaned at that, "that is the problem. You're always with him, you're never with me."

You realized that Calum was needlessly jealous. He wanted you all to himself, which was silly because he already had you. This was just greediness.

"Calum, we sleep in the same bed every night. In the mornings we eat breakfast together. We carpool to work, go out to lunch, and ride home at night. Sometimes we even shower together. We always eat dinner on opposite sides of the kitchen table and then fool around together until it's time to start over. I'm on the management team Calum, I go on tour with you. I spend more time with you than with any single other person on the planet," Calum leaned closer, anticipating your next words.

"-but," evidently that was not what he wanted to hear as he recoiled back. He took enough of himself off of you that you were able to wrench your arms free. They flew up to cup his beautiful face. "But," you repeated, "every other Saturday afternoon Y/BFF/N and I meet up. It's the only time our schedules align at the moment, it's only for a few hours no need to get all jealous Cal."

He reached his own hands up and laid them over yours softly, "but I like having you always by my side. I never know what to do when you leave me all by myself."

"Well then call one of the boys over," you reasoned, "you managed for the first twenty years of your life."

"That's only because I didn't know what I was missing. Y/N you're the air in my lungs," he leaned back in, forcing you to lay back. "You're the reason my heart beats. You're my muse, my lover, and my partner. I wasn't living before I met you."

You mentally awwwed at the sappy speech, this time you eagerly met Calum's sloppy kiss, and with your free hands, you finally managed to grab his bouncy curls. You let your eyes shut and your mouth open as Calum licked his way in. You were beginning to pant and things were getting rather heated.

And then your phone rang. The spell was broken as you shifted yourself over so that you could check who it was. Calum pulled back and you read the screen. 


"I have to go," you reminded your boyfriend. This time he didn't grab you or distract you, he just watched with big puppy dog eyes.

While you straightened yourself out you felt your resolve melting at his stare.

Before you left you walked over to give him a quick peck, "I'll make it up to you later." You promised before slipping away.


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