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I should just write a full-length one already but I'm so bussssy like I'm doing the IALWMC bc that's been forever and Bleeding Hearts and Take Twoooo wowowowow

"Have you started getting the dreams yet?" Your best friend asked, pulling open her front door before you even had the chance to knock.

You sighed, "no. Not yet."

She pouted and moved out of the doorway to let you into your house, "you should just let me try out some stuff! It wo-"

"BABE HAVE YOU SEEN MY LUCKY FLANNEL?" Y/BFF/N's soulmate, Michael, yelled from up the stairs.

"IN THE CLOSET BABE!" She yelled back, sending you an amused look. "Anyway, like I was saying, it wo-"

"I CHECKED THE CLOSET!" He whined loudly.

"WELL CHECK AGAIN! I'M TRYING TO HELP Y/N FIND HER SOULMATE DIPSHIT!" Their relationship was... interesting at times but you saw the way they looked at each other. It was love. The kind of love only created when two people destined for each other meet.

You wanted that so desperately. You wanted to be able to look into someone else's eyes and see love looking back at you, warm and bright. You were so desperate in fact, that you dragged yourself all of the way to her house, knowing that her and Michael would do something cute that would annoy you, just to see if her method worked.

"WELL I'M SORRRRRY PEA-BRAIN I'LL GO LOOK AGAIN. AND TELL Y/N I SAID HI!" He yelled before you both heard him stomping off and slamming their bedroom door shut.

"Michael says hi," Y/BFF/N shrugs and gestures you to follow her down the hall, "now that I know I won't be interrupted, I want to see if I can help you because my methods worked for me."

"Well, I'm at a loss so please, by all means help," you nodded gratefully.

The soulmate dreams were a phenomenon that usually occurred in the late teens and early twenties when a person's soul begins to search for its other half. You'd never had one before but you'd learned about it and read up on the topic extensively. The dreams were never quite the same for any two people but essentially if you were both sleeping at the same time your souls would meet in a different plane of existence and you would somehow connect to your other half. It could mean seeing them, talking to them, temporarily trading bodies, or even just feeling another presence with you.

Y/BFF/N had gotten her first on her sixteenth birthday. Her and Michael managed to speak to each other and they found each other the day after. They never looked back.

"Just lay down on the couch," she instructed.

You frowned, "we're doing this now? It's the middle of the afternoon!" You began to protest. What were the odds you were both napping?

"Have you ever heard of timezones? No wonder you haven't had a dream yet," she muttered and shook her head.

You flushed a little when you realized she was right, and that you both just had to be sleeping at the same time which would be theoretically possible if they lived far away. So without any further commentary, you laid down on the couch on your back and looked over at her for more instruction.

"Alright get as comfortable as you can," she sat down on the floor near the end of the couch your head was, "I'm just going to verbally instruct you."

You nodded and shifted until you were as comfortable as you could be.

"Good, now Y/N I want you to start exhaling your tension and stress in deep breaths," her tone dropped slightly lower and became more soothing as she spoke. You thought her words were a little crazy but you'd come this far. "Close your eyes and breathe with me," she closed her eyes so you figured you might as well do the same, "take in the air until your lungs are full, hold, and now breathe out your stress just like that." She paused a moment, "we're going to keep going and every time you exhale, your muscles are going to relax a little more okay?"

She continued the breathing and you tried to do as she asked. It was rather relaxing to just lay there and breathe, so you think you did okay despite thinking it was a little weird.

"Now, when I count down from 5, you're going to be so relaxed you fall asleep," she continued in the same even tone. Some part of you realized this was hypnosis, the rest of you didn't care.

"5," a light tingle began in your relaxed muscles. "4," it spread up to your calves, leaving a warm sensation. "3," it moved faster now, up to your waist. "2," you could feel the tingles in your shoulders as they crashed over you like a wave. "1," they moved down your arms, spreading into your fingertips. You could also feel it move up and past your chin, over your face until the sensation flared at the top of your head. "Sleep."

And you were out.


Look around you. Take in what you see, smell, hear, feel, and touch. Don't let any of your senses go unused. They could be anywhere.

You couldn't tell if it was a voice, or compulsion guiding you as you opened your eyes and looked around. You were somewhere unrecognizable. The space was all a soft grey, and infinitely large as the only barrier you could detect was the one under your feet. You bent down to touch it, and you were surprised when your hand went straight through the floor like it was mist.

"Oh wow," you stood back up and poked at the ground with your toe, but it was solid again. How strange.

There was no distinct smell in the place, and you didn't hear anything except your own breathing.

Call out to them. They may have lost their way.

"HELLO?" You yelled as you slowly spun. No reply. "IS ANYONE HERE?"

You waited. And waited. And. Waited.

Then a slight breeze caressed your face. It smelled of the ocean, and you swore you heard waves on a beach before it blew away.

Was that it? Was that all the sign you were going to get? Oceans?

You frowned in disappointment and felt your eyes welling up with tears and disappointment. That wasn't enough! There were beaches everywhere and you didn't know if that sign meant they loved them or hated them!? You closed your eyes to stop any excess moisture from escaping and let out a slight sniffle.

It just wasn't fair.

Only a moment after your eyes were closed, you felt a hand caress your face. The warm feeling of fingertips dancing over your cheek, the skin slightly rough like it was calloused. Now that! That was what you were looking for in a sign!

You opened your eyes, expecting to see your soulmate right there. Only, you were met with the same bland infinity, and worse, the touch was gone.

"No!" You stuck your hands out like you could maybe touch them. Maybe they were invisible?!

But your hands cut through air, never meeting any flesh.

Close your eyes again.

You did so, right away, and with it the hand returned. This time, there was another one there. Two hands with long fingers cupping your face and letting their thumbs drag over your eyelids. You felt hot air over your lips, like someone was breathing just millimeters away, but you didn't dare move in fear that it would all disappear.

"Beautiful," you thought you heard a voice barely whisper over your mouth before soft warm lips enveloped yours.


"Y/N?! Y/N?!" Y/BFF/N and Michael hovered over you worriedly, "Oh thank God you're awake!"

She threw her arms around your shoulders and hugged you tightly.

You were still kind of in shock from the abrupt transition, but managed to weakly hug her back before asking, "what happened?"

"What happened? You were asleep for four hours," Michael whistled lowly, "we were worried we'd have to take you to a hospital because you weren't waking up."

"Oh," you furrowed your eyebrows. It had only really felt like fifteen minutes to you. Four hours seemed... excessive.

"Well? Did you meet them?" Y/BFF/N pulled away from you excitedly.

"Yeah," you smiled and looked away.

"YESSSSS! Do you know how to find him?" She beamed.

"Not yet."

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