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It's the one where the older sibling feels replaced by the new baby

"Daaaaaaddy!" You yelled, coloring book in hand as you looked around for your father, "WHERE ARE YOU?" He always colored with you when you asked, he was so good at it! He never went outside the lines and he always knew the right color to pick for each part of the picture. You loved coloring with him, and you'd just gotten new crayons to use as well.

Instead of your father's voice calling for you, you got a loud, "SHHHHH!"

Immediately, your mood soured. That terrible shushing noise seemed like it was all your parents had said to you for a month. "Shhh Y/N, your sister is asleep." "Shhhh Y/N you'll scare the baby." "Shhhh Y/N you need to be quiet." "Shhhhhhhhhh."

You were tired of being shushed, but mostly, you were tired of that little pink bundle they'd so proudly brought home. You were happy at first when they said you'd have a sister. Your father had promised you'd be able to play trucks together and color and dress up and watch Paw Patrol! Only, apparently she was still too little, and was going to be too little for a very long time. All she did was sleep and eat and cry when you were trying to sleep. She took all of your parents time and attention, it felt like they never left the nursery, even your uncles were enamored. All you got was a pat on the head, she got cuddles and hugs and presents. It was your Aunt Mali who had given you the crayons, she was the only one who seemed like she understood. When she was over last week she only spent half her time with the baby, then she watched Cinderella with you. You liked her more than your Daddy. He was being mean.

So instead of seeking him out, you pouted and turned away, sulking back to your room and shutting the door behind you. You'd just have to color with floofy, your stuffed bear, again.

"Y/N! I don't want to color! That's what we did yesterday!" She told you in a high-pitched voice, "why don't you color with someone else?"

You sighed and shook your head. Your crayons were dumped on the floor as you flipped to a clean picture of a dinosaur in your book, "I tried, but they shushed me. Again."

"Well that's not very nice," Floofy sounded very upset, and you agreed, "you should just leave."

Hmmmm, that was an interesting idea. But where would you go? None of your Uncles noticed you anymore, not even your grandparents seemed interested in what you had to say. The only person was- Mali! You'd go see your Aunt Mali, she'd definitely color with you.

You knew she didn't live that far away, only a little bit in the car, so she couldn't be that hard to find. You walked over and yanked on your closet door to pull it open since it always stuck, and pulled out your backpack that had Moana on it, and put your crayons and coloring book in it, then Floofy for good measure.

You zipped it up, and slung it over your shoulder. Nobody made any move to stop you as you carefully jumped down the stairs and unlocked the front door. It was a perfect day for a walk, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze to cool you off. You shut the door behind you and stepped off the porch. The sky was full of pretty clouds, and you quickly got distracted staring up at them.

"Look! It's a doughnut!" You pointed at a fluffy mass right above you. Of course, there was nobody paying any attention to you, but in the moment you didn't care. "And a tree! And a bird! And Daddy's car!" You pointed out several other shapes, but then got bored as the clouds weren't moving very fast and none of the other ones looked all that interesting. You finished crossing the lawn to the side walk, and decided on a direction to start walking.

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