BSM - Duck & (Under)Cover - Gang AU

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This was a request from @5sos_rocks07

Basically 5SOS and 1D are rival gangs and Y/N is Calum's 12 year old sister who gets kidnapped by 1D

Also on an unrelated note I have a whole new theme idea but I just changed it so ughhhhhh

"Bye Cal! Bye Ash! Say hi to Luke and Michael for me!" You waved at your brother and his friend as you walked out the door.

Your brother looked up from some paperwork, "Bye Y/N! Have fun at practice!" He waved, and Ashton, who was standing next to him, did the same. You smiled and closed the door behind you, picking your way down the sidewalk to the car waiting in the driveway.

"Hi Sadie, thanks for the ride on such short notice," you said apologetically as you climbed in. Usually, Calum got one of his people to drive you to tennis practice, but the girl who usually did was sick, and apparently he was a little short staffed. So you had called your closest friend on the team who could drive, and asked her to come and get you.

"No problem Y/N," Sadie said as she backed the car up, "you have a really nice house."

You looked back across the driveway to where you lived. It was your brother's house now technically, but it had been your parents house before that. It was rather large, and very secluded on the edge of the city. Calum liked to keep a low profile, and it helped that you were in a place that could be more easily guarded. There was always risk of people coming after you, not that you'd tell Sadie that. Besides, you were safe as long as you stayed on the east side of the city and didn't cross Central Drive. That had always been drilled into your head since as long as you could remember. You were not to cross that road, and whenever possible, you weren't to even go near it.

"Thank you," was your response to your friend, "it's been in the family for a while now."

The two of you listened to music instead of talking as she cruised back toward the tennis club where practice was held year round. It really should've only been a fifteen minute drive, but you hit some nasty traffic.

"Ugh, I'm taking a detour," Sadie rolled her big brown eyes and groaned as she took an exit off.

You just chuckled and nodded, watching as she seemingly went in the complete wrong direction. You watched with growing confusion, but didn't say anything right away. "This is quite the detour," you commented with growing worry as she went farther and farther away from the direction of the tennis club, and closer to Central Drive. You didn't like where this was going. You tried to inconspicuously pull out your phone to text Calum, but she noticed and swiped it right out of your hands. "Hey!" Something was obviously wrong. You unbuckled and tried to open your door, but the locks clicked shut. Innocent Sadie, who'd been on the team longer than you, didn't even look your way as she drove to the west side, the right side, the Direction's side. You banged on the window, but it was too late, you watched as the Central Drive sign came and went until it was so far back you couldn't see. You slumped back into your seat and tried to mask your growing panic. You shouldn't be here.

"Who are you?" You finally asked the girl driving the car. You were completely sure her name wasn't Sadie. She didn't respond, but quickly pulled the car into the parking lot of a bakery.

"Don't make a scene or else," she glared at you then put the car in park. You hesitantly nodded. It probably wouldn't help anyway, this was probably a front for something illegal and the Directions owned the cops near their side of the border.

She slipped her bright, happy smile back on and motioned you out of the car. You stepped out, and she was immediately there, wrapping her hand around your upper bicep and holding on tight. It was a warning, and you knew it. You were nearly jogging to keep pace with her as she walked straight into the bakery. You stopped just inside, but as soon as an employee noticed the two of you, you were both ushered into the back, and to a door marked "Employees Only". You were focused completely on not panicking. It wouldn't help, you needed to stay calm.

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